Duggar: Who’s Currently Pregnant & Who Might Be Next?

Anna Duggar Instagram (Duggar pregnant)

The Duggar family is always growing, and it seems like someone is always pregnant. Right now, things are pretty quiet for the family. They are sharing very few updates on social media, possibly due to Josh Duggar’s arrest and upcoming trial in November.

Despite the social media silence, the family is still growing. Which of the family members are currently pregnant, and who might announce a pregnancy next?

Duggar family Instagram, Michelle Duggar
Duggar family Instagram

Jessa Seewald welcomes baby number four.

The most recent addition to the Duggar family is Ben and Jessa Seewald’s fourth baby was born in July. Ben and Jessa documented Fern Elliana’s birth in a series of YouTube videos instead of having the birth featured on TLC’s Counting On due to its cancelation.

Anna Duggar is pregnant with her seventh child.

The only known Duggar who’s currently expecting is Anna. She and Josh announced that they are expecting their seventh child together, a daughter. When they announced Anna’s pregnancy, they said they would welcome the baby this fall, so we don’t know exactly when she’s due to arrive.

Due to Josh’s arrest and trial, we may not see much in the way of a birth announcement for the baby girl. Anna hasn’t posted on social media since Josh’s arrest, and it doesn’t seem likely that she will return anytime soon.

But Anna is allegedly on poor terms with Josh’s family at the moment, which may influence whether they meet the new baby too.


Which Duggar might be pregnant next?

It’s possible that another member of the family is already expecting or that they will be very soon. They could just be waiting until they’re further along in their pregnancy to make an announcement.

There are several women who could be pregnant next, though. Of course, this is all speculation until somebody officially makes an announcement.

Kendra and Joe Duggar could be expecting their fourth child soon. They have had their kids very close in age so far. If they plan to stick with the same spacing between each child, they could be expecting very soon. Their son Garrett is three years old, their daughter Addison will turn two this November, and their daughter Brooklyn was born in February.

Fans think Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth may have their third child soon. They have two kids, Gideon, 3, and Evelyn, almost 1. Between the two kids, Joy-Anna lost a baby during pregnancy. So, though Gideon and Evelyn are two years apart, she may want to have her future kids closer in age. A recent Instagram post fueled pregnancy rumors.

John and Abbie Duggar have one daughter, Gracie, who will turn two in February, so they may have another baby soon. But it’s worth noting that Abbie had a difficult pregnancy with Gracie, so she may be hesitant to have another baby soon.

Lauren and Josiah Duggar also have one daughter, Bella. She will be two years old in November, which would give them a fairly average age gap between their children.

Two Duggar sons tied the knot earlier this year, so their wives could be pregnant in the near future. Most of the Duggars have started their families shortly after getting married. Justin married Claire Spivey in February. Jedidiah and Katey Nakatsu got married in April.

So, do you think we will learn anything about Josh and Anna Duggar’s baby when she arrives? Which Duggar do you think will be pregnant next? Let us know in the comments below.

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