Josh Duggar’s Child Pornography Riddled PC’s Screensaver Is SHOCKING!


Josh Duggar’s child pornography case continues to grow more disturbing by the day. New details surrounding Duggar’s case reveal the extent he went to hide his true self from his family.

According to The Sun, Josh Duggar kept a sweet family photo of his wife Anna Duggar and their six children as a screensaver on the computer he allegedly used to download child pornography. A lengthy court battle awaits Duggar as his legal team prepares for court. Last month Duggar’s lawyers filed a Motion to Compel. The motion requests the Government provide them with the discovery of evidence which the prosecution will use against Duggar.

However, Prosecutors are asking the court to deny Duggar’s legal team’s requests claiming: “In his motion, however, the defendant seeks to compel the United States to turn over either nonexistent or immaterial information to which he is not entitled. 

Josh Duggar Uses Extreme Lengths To Keep His Sick Secrets


The former 19 Kids and Counting star’s life and the lives of his family members have been turned upside down. Josh pleaded not guilty to the two-child pornography counts.  In an attempt to stall, Duggar requested the court to postpone the trial date until 2022. However, he was unsuccessful and only received a three-month delay pushing the trial to November 30, 2021.

The court documents reveal that Josh Duggar’s trial has the potential to last until December 3. At this time, Josh lives in home confinement. He resides with his parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s close church friends LaCount and Maria Reber. 

Josh Duggar wears a GPS ankle monitor. Duggar continues living with many restrictions. The court is setting strict regulations. One such regulation reveals the courts are banning him from meeting his sister Jessa Duggar Seewald’s new baby.

Anna Duggar Stands By Her Man

He continues to be forbidden from accessing the internet. His arrests are causing many difficulties amongst the Duggar family members. However, Josh’s wife, Anna, expecting the couple’s seventh child, remains in his corner.

Anna continues to regularly visit her husband with the couple’s children with unlimited access, with Anna present during the visitation. Per the court order, Josh Duggar is not to contact minors, including siblings and family members.

It continues to remain a stressful and embarrassing time for the entire Duggar family. Emotions continue to run high among the family members. It will be a lot for the family to overcome, and many of the Duggar family are not sure at this time if they will ever move past this horrific time in their lives. 

There is a lot of uncertainty within the family. But, regardless of the outcome, it appears that things will never be the same for the once seemingly happy former TLC reality family. If found guilty, Josh Duggar will face 20 years in prison and massive fines per count.

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