‘You, Me & My Ex’: Chantel & Jennifer Welcome Baby Girl!

You Me and My Ex Credit: Jennifer Vazquez Instagram

Chantel and Jennifer Vazquez are officially mothers. The You, Me & My Ex stars officially welcomed their first daughter together, confirms People Magazine. TLC documents their road to conception on the current season. Currently, it is in its first season and follows couples who have interesting or close relationships with their exes. Jennifer and Chantel are no exception.

You, Me, and My Ex Welcomes The Vazquez Women

Credit: TLC
Credit: TLC

Jennifer and Chantel had an interesting dynamic. They met while Jen was still married to Josh. Chantel was someone Jen had fun going out with. However, she was just her fun gay friend so Josh had no reason to worry. Jennifer did admit she was not completely ready to settle down when she got married. She more or less went through the motions. Together, the couple had a son.

After spending time with Chantel, Jen developed feelings for her co-worker and friend. Yet Chantel would not allow anything to happen if Josh was still in the picture. Jen ended her marriage and moved out. Josh had no idea his ex-wife’s female roommate was actually her new girlfriend. He ended up moving on with Danielle and the two wed and started a family.

Eventually, Josh and Jen developed an extremely amicable relationship. Furthermore, when she and Chantel decided they wanted to start a family, they went right to Josh. They made it clear he would not be a part of the child’s life as the “father.” It was a little confusing but Josh was on board to donate and help. Soon, Chantel revealed she was expecting a baby.

Chantel Gives Birth

Baby girl Vazquez was born on April 7th and they named her Camila Michelle. “Chantel and I are head over heels in love with our new baby girl! Nothing in the world would ever be enough to thank Josh and Danielle for helping give us this little life that we will cherish every day and for completing our family,” shared Jennifer.

Credit: Jennifer Vazquez Instagram
Credit: Jennifer Vazquez Instagram

The whole family is loving watching the kids bond with the new baby. Jen and Josh’s son, Jace is almost 11 while Danielle’s daughter with Josh is nearly five. It was actually their daughter, Mikaela who helped name the baby girl. When she learned the sex of the baby, she immediately said her name would be Michelle. Chantel and Jennifer utilized that as Camila’s middle name.

This is not the only big and exciting season one ending news. Alex Hines and Caroline Martin announced their engagement. Don’t miss You, Me & My Ex Sunday night on TLC.


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