‘OutDaughtered‘: Move Over Adam Busby, Aunt KiKi Has Photography Skills Too

OutDaughtered Aunt Kiki feature

OutDaughtered fans know that Adam Busby has a knack for photography, but did they know that Aunt Kiki has photography skills too? Keep reading to find out more.

Is OutDaughtered Adam Busby a professional photographer?

Recently, OutDaughtered the Busbys went on a beautiful family vacation to Orange Beach, Alabama. While there, it seems like a lot of people made quite the fuss about Adam Busby’s photography skills.

In the past, TV Shows Ace reports on Adam Busby’s photography skills. It only makes sense that Adam would take any opportunity he could to take photos. This is because TV Shows Ace also reports that when Adam upgraded his camera, it cost nearly $4k. In a photo of their dog, Beaux, he shares that he uses a Canon R5.

OutDaughtered Adam Busby
Instagram Adam Busby

However, Adam doesn’t always use a fancy camera when he’s taking photos. It seems like if he’s just snapping a photo of his family doing their day-to-day activities, he uses his phone. In a recent photo from their beach vacation, Adam is shocked at the quality of the photo he took.

Adam Busby Instagram
Instagram Adam Busby

Is Aunt Kiki as good as Adam?

It looks like Adam may need to step aside because Aunt Kiki shares adorable photos of her children, Bronson and Makenzie. In the comment section, fans can’t get over how much the kids have grown. A couple of people even comment that the kids look like their dad, Uncle Dale.

However, she does seem to take a page out of her brother-in-law’s book. The photo was snapped on a family vacation. While the Mills didn’t go to Orange Beach, Alabama with the Busby’s, they did go to the beach. The photo is tagged at Destin, Florida.

While OutDaughtered fans wouldn’t put it past Uncle Dale and Adam to engage in a little friendly competition, it doesn’t seem like Crystal is actively trying to be better than Adam at photography. However, it does look like she has a natural knack for it.

OutDaughtered Aunt Kiki
Instagram Crystal Mills

Do you think Aunt Kiki gives Adam a run for his money in the photography department? Do you have any photography aspirations yourself? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. Make sure to come back to TV Shows Ace for more OutDaughtered new.

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