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This Season 7 ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Contestant Just Joined OnlyFans

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Hot off the beach, a Bachelor Nation alum is the latest celebrity to join OnlyFans. The adults-only platform is a way to rake in extra income by sharing steamy photos and videos. Subscribers can also pay extra to chat with their favorite stars. OnlyFans grew in popularity during the coronavirus pandemic. Which Bachelor in Paradise star just joined the content-sharing platform OnlyFans? 

Bachelor In Paradise Returns 

Bachelor Nation fans were devastated when the coronavirus pandemic derailed a new season of BiP in 2020. The show last aired with Season 6 in 2019. That season ended with Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour’s engagement. 

Dean Unglert and Caelynn Miller-Keyes also found love in Paradise, though they have yet to get engaged. Us Weekly shares more success stories from earlier seasons of BiP. 

Demi Burnett and Kristian Haggerty also got engaged during Season 6, but ended their romance shortly afterward. Demi returns to the beach again for another chance at finding love. 

Season 7 of Bachelor in Paradise has several firsts in the history of the show. With Chris Harrison’s exit from the franchise, the network couldn’t choose just one host to replace him. Rather, several celebrity hosts will rotate, as well as Wells Adams appearing as the ‘master of ceremonies.’ 

In another shocking first, Becca Kufrin joins the BiP cast. Why is that surprising? Previous seasons have only featured prior Bachelor Nation contestants, never a lead. Becca Kufrin was The Bachelorette Season 14 lead. 

Which Bachelor in Paradise Contestant Joined OnlyFans?

'Bachelor in Paradise' contestants Demi Burnett/Victoria Larson/Natasha Parker/Instagram
‘Bachelor in Paradise’ contestants Demi Burnett/Victoria Larson/Natasha Parker/Instagram

Since BiP missed a year, ABC had a large contestant pool to choose from. Viewers will see former contestants from Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor, Clare and Tayshia’s joint season of The Bachelorette, as well as some of Matt James’ Bachelor Season 25 cast-offs. 

Some of the Season 7 contestants will join the beachgoers as the season progresses. Some of the cast list includes Kelsey Weier, Tammy Ly, Maurissa Gunn, and Natasha Parker from Peter Weber’s season. 

Viewers will recognize Noah Erb, Ivan Hall, Chasen Nick, and Joe Park from Clayishia’s season. 

The contestants from Matt’s season include Mari Pepin, Abigail Heringer, Chelsea Vaughn, and Queen Victoria Larson. 

Additionally, a few fan-favorites from Katie Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette are heading to the beach, including cat-man Connor Brennan. 

So, which Bachelor in Paradise contestant just joined OnlyFans? 

Queen Victoria, of course! She made the announcement on her Instagram Stories. 

OnlyFans announcement/Credit: Victoria Larson Instagram
OnlyFans announcement/Credit: Victoria Larson Instagram

The platform shared a welcome video on the OnlyFans official Twitter. 

Bachelor Alum Dishes on Her ‘Five-Second Rule’ of Dating 

If you follow Victoria on Instagram, you know she’s never met a bikini she doesn’t look good in. She’s been living her own Hot Girl Summer on beaches across the country. But starting August 16, she seeks redemption on a beach in Mexico. 

Victoria came under fire during Season 25 of The Bachelor for allegedly bullying the other women. She recently spoke to Natasha Parker and Joe Amabile on their Click Bait podcast. The hosts got to know her during Season 7 of BiP,  as both Natasha and Joe are contestants. 

According to the podcast hosts, there’s more to Victoria than meets the eye. 

Speaking of eyes, Victoria Larson has a “five-second rule” when it comes to dating. She shared the tip in a promo clip for BiP. Victoria’s trick of the trade is to make eye contact with your potential suitor for five seconds and it will lure them into approaching you. 

However, her “five-second rule” doesn’t seem to work with the male Bachelor in Paradise contestants. Check out this hilarious clip of Victoria’s “goddess energy” fail. 

Does it surprise you which Bachelor in Paradise contestant joined OnlyFans? Share your comments below. 

Don’t forget to tune in to the explosive premiere of Bachelor in Paradise on Monday, August 16. 

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