Ysabel Brown ESCAPES Kody & Christine, Flees To Maddie’s House

Ysabel Brown Instagram

Ysabel Brown recently escaped from Kody and Christine Brown to move across the country and live with her sister Maddie Brush instead. Sister Wives fans will recall Ysabel was living in Flagstaff, Arizona with her mother Christine. She, however, recently moved in with Maddie and her husband Caleb Brush. Maddie lives in North Carolina.

Ysabel and Maddie were close growing up

The 18-year-old escaping from Christine and Kody Brown to move in with Maddie isn’t too much of a surprise. Maddie Brown is technically the second child Janelle had with Kody. So, Ysabel and Maddie don’t share the same mother. But, Sister Wives fans know the girls were extremely close when they were growing up.

When the Brown family resided in Utah, Kody and his wives lived in the same room. So, Maddie and Ysabel spent several years growing up together and grew very close. Likewise, we know Maddie had already started a new chapter of her life with her husband Caleb Brush by the time the Brown family moved from Utah to Arizona.

Unfortunately, the underage children still in the Brown family didn’t get to experience the same family closeness when they moved to Arizona. The family quickly dispersed and become disconnected. This was true even though Kody purchased the Coyote Pass for the entire family to live together.

Sister Wives Ysabel Brown - Christine Brown Instagram
Sister Wives Ysabel Brown – Christine Brown Instagram

Kody Brown tossed the idea of building a large house for himself and all of his wives to live together once again. But, all of his wives had reasons why they didn’t like that idea. Janelle, however, was a bit of an exception as she always seemed to be open to the idea. While Robyn was also against it, fans assumed she would have ultimately done whatever Kody wanted if it meant keeping her man happy.

So, why did she escape from Christine and Kody?

Sister Wives fans know Christine Brown recently put her home on the market. So, they aren’t completely sure where she is living right now or where she’s planning on going. There was some speculation she might leave Flagstaff and Kody behind. Could Christine follow Ysabel to North Carolina? Fans don’t really have an answer for how this is going to play out. So, that leaves one really big question: Why did Ysabel Brown move across the country? Was she really just trying to escape her disconnected family? Did she desire that close bond with Maddie again?

It was just recently that Maddie Brown took to Instagram to announce her new houseguest. She seemed really excited to have Ysabel living under her roof.

Added another Brown to our East Coast tribe! YSABEL IS MOVING IN!!”

Ysabel also discussed moving across the country on Instagram. She shared a few photos and noted she was looking forward to her “new life.”

Ysabel Brown - Instagram
Ysabel Brown – Instagram

Fans know Ysabel had previously discussed wanting to move to North Carolina to go to school. Sister Wives fans also assume Kody Brown is not happy about the situation. He has previously noted he doesn’t like the idea of his children moving too far away after becoming an adult. Fans, however, have a hard time understanding how he could care that much. After all, he was dragged for not being even a little supportive with Ysabel had her back surgery.

Are you surprised Ysabel Brown escaped Christine and Kody by moving across the country? Do you think Kody is upset with this decision? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on this TLC family.

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