‘SW’ Kody Brown Stumbles Over Saying & Spelling Robyn’s Daughter’s Name 

Sister Wives kody Brown Breanna Brown

Sister Wives star Kody Brown recently shared a video on Cameo featuring himself and his adopted daughter with Robyn named Breanna. As we previously reported, the video featured Kody helping Breanna in a pretty big way. The teenager was driving herself to her driving test with her father shooting Cameo videos beside her. Sister Wives fans found the video surprising and not surprising for several reasons.

Now, after watching the video… Some fans of the TLC family felt a bit embarrassed for Kody. In fact, some wondered if Kody Brown should have considered deleting and shooting this Cameo video again. Why? Keep reading, we’ll explain.

Sister Wives kody Brown
Sister Wives kody Brown

Kody Brown stumbles over saying and spelling Robyn’s daughter’s name

As the video progresses, Kody reveals he’s in a vehicle being driven by his 16-year-old daughter with Robyn Brown. Sister Wives fans know Breanna is from Robyn’s first marriage with David Jessop. Fans also know Kody divorced Meri Brown so he could legally marry Robyn and adopt her children from her first marriage. Breanna is one of them.

Kody Brown jests the timing is a little ironic because he’s making a video for someone with the same name as his daughter. He, however, clarifies their names are spelled differently.

The Sister Wives star has a bit of an unfortunate misstep as he stumbles over the pronunciation of his daughter’s name before saying it correctly. Kody makes the misstep worse when he proceeds to spell his daughter’s name. Again, he spells it wrong and has to go back to correct himself.

Kody Brown cameo
Kody Brown cameo


This tracks with his rushed and awkward videos

In Facebook fan groups and on Reddit, Sister Wives fans seem to agree his Cameo videos are a bit rushed and awkward. Despite customers paying for them, Kody Brown does not appear to go back and redo videos when he messes up or says something incorrectly. Likewise, his videos also feature him saying “peace” with the peace sign and identifying himself as Kody Brown of Sister Wives at least twice.

Some Sister Wives fans admit they are surprised people are actually paying for these videos and are happy with what they receive. He has six glowing reviews on his profile to suggest his customers are leaving pretty happy despite what fans are saying.

Are you surprised Kody Brown struggled to say and spell his daughter Breanna’s name correctly? Are you surprised he’s spending so much time with Robyn’s daughter? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on this TLC family.

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