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‘Love After Lockup’ Preview: Does Daonte Forgive Nicolle?

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Last week on Love After Lockup Daonte was left heartbroken. After Nicolle met his mother, he dropped her off at home. He assumed she would just go inside and go to sleep. However, his gut told him to turn back around. Upon returning, Daonte found Nicolle in the car with her ex-boyfriend, Zakk. He was so devastated, he caused quite the scene. This included tossing out all of the gifts he had purchased for her that were living in his trunk. So, is Daonte going to move on or can he just not quit her? WEtv’s preview shows where his headspace is at.

Giving It All Up For Love After Lockup

Credit: Love After Lockup Instagram
Credit: Love After Lockup Instagram

Daonte really thought he had found the one in Nicolle. She was serving four years behind bars when they met. Yet, he remained committed to his love. Upon her release, he greeted her with more than she could have ever wanted. He had a thousand dollars in cash, two Michael Kors watches, an iPhone, expensive shoes, and more. Sadly, Daonte was unaware that Nicolle was living alternate lives behind his back.

She said she did not feel comfortable staying with him right off the bat. Somehow, she had no problem texting her exes behind his back. Nicolle also had no problem continuously making demands on Daonte such as a car and a boob job. She attempted to hold them over his head. No boobs equaled no intimacy, which she claimed to be uncomfortable with.

Little did Daonte know Nicolle had been intimate with one of her female cellmates right before she had been released. She claimed to care about him. However, after meeting his mom, she met up with her ex, Zakk. Though it wrecked Daonte and turned Nicolle on, she left with Zakk and slept with him. This broke Daonte’s heart. She knows she needs to apologize but she is torn between him, Zakk, and her ex-girlfriend, Tia.

Where Do Nicolle and Daonte Stand?

Daonte is beyond livid in this week’s preview. He has no proof anything happened between Nicolle and Zakk but has a feeling. Daonte would have given her everything. He decides to go see his best friend, Derrick at a gym. Derrick is the most rational and level-headed one in this whole situation. He calls it like he sees it and does not sugarcoat anything.

Love After Lockup Credit: WEtv
Credit: WEtv

None of what happened surprises Derrick. He is more frustrated when Daonte gets a call from Nicolle and agrees to meet her the following day. He tries to make the excuse that maybe Nicolle needed closure with Zakk and it was a one-time thing. Unfortunately, Nicolle is seen getting ready to go out. She tells the camera Daonte would be mad if he knew where she was going. Judging by the full preview, she is meeting up with another ex and Daonte shows up.

Should Daonte stop taking Nicolle back? Let us know in the comments. Don’t miss new episodes of Love After Lockup on Fridays only on WEtv.

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