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Lindsie Chrisley Releases Texts & Screenshots Debunking Todd’s Lies

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Todd Chrisley talks of having receipts of the truth, but it turns out his estranged daughter has them too. Lindsie Chrisley has promised to speak to what she’s referring to as the “dark cloud” surrounding her family and her name on the next episode of her podcast Coffee Convos. She, however, took to her Instagram Stories with her internal struggles on the current drama.

Lindsie Chrisley struggled with being the bigger person

Lindsie Chrisley kicked off her Instagram Stories noting that she was having an internal struggle. She has spent a serious amount of time debating the best way to handle all of the “noise” going on with her family right now.

Todd’s estranged daughter admits she’s tried being the “bigger person.” Unfortunately, she wasn’t really sure what being the bigger person looked like. Is the bigger person supposed to walk away and ignore the drama? Is the bigger person supposed to fight the drama head-on?

Lindsie Chrisley proceeds to admit she’s not a perfect person. She’s made mistakes. And, she’s happy to own those mistakes. But, she cannot walk away from the drama and noise any longer.

“But what I will no longer do is sit by silently while someone continues to smear me for their personal benefit.” She continues to explain.

I have been bullied online via Instagram, Twitter, and constantly a topic of conversation on podcast.”

Chrisley Knows Best - Todd Chrisley - Lindsie Chrisley
Chrisley Knows Best – Todd Chrisley – Lindsie Chrisley

She reveals the text message she sent, nothing to do with divorce

Now, as we previously reported… Todd Chrisley started doing interviews recently. This was AFTER he went on his podcast saying he wanted to give his statement there and nowhere else so it couldn’t get misconstrued by the media. During the interview, Todd mentions that Lindsie sent him a text message. He did not disclose the details of the text message. In fact, he claimed he sent the text message to his lawyers and did not respond. Out of fear that his words would be used against him.

Lindsie Chrisley, however, does not appear to share her father’s fear. Instead, she was happy to take a screenshot of the text message she sent to her father. She clarified the text message had nothing to do with her divorce. Instead, she wanted to discuss the fact that she was a continued and frequent topic of conversation for her father lately. And, she wanted things to be worked out with their legal team immediately.

Lindsie Chrisley’s storytime on Instagram did NOT end there. She also wanted to address the fact that Todd claims extortion regarding her alleged adult video never happened. Turns out, she has several screenshots of conversations both Todd and Chase had that suggest otherwise.

She proceeded to share a screenshot of a tweet she made back in 2019. The screenshot revealed her father Todd had been threatening and harassing her for years. The tweet continued several screenshots of various things her father has said about her on social media.

Chrisley Knows best Todd Chrisley Youtube
Chrisley Knows best Todd Chrisley Youtube

Lindsie Chrisley shares text messages

The former reality TV star shared text messages including conversations with both Chase and Todd. One included Chase trying to work a deal out with Robby. This included asking Robby Hayes if he “smashed” Lindsie. Then, he asked Robby if he’d “made progress” on what they had previously talked about.

Lindsie also shared a text messaging including a conversation with Todd discussing the adult video and a $5,000 price tag. In the text message, he’s discussing a video he recently claimed on his podcast never existed.

According to Katie Joy with Without A Crystal Ball’s analysis of the Instagram Stories, Todd started to come for Lindsie via social media after she walked away from the show. Lindsie reportedly made the decision to leave the show after Todd’s wife Julie got physical with her on set.

Katie Joy - Todd Chrisley
Katie Joy – Todd Chrisley

Katie Joy pens: “Todd Chrisley has consistently blamed Lindsie for his criminal indictment. However, the Feds have not one time listed Lindsie in any documents nor alleged she was a whistleblower.”

What do you think of the ongoing drama between Lindsie and Todd Chrisley? Share your thoughts with us in the comments down below.

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