Home Exteriors Matter: HGTV’s ‘Curb Appeal Xtreme’ Highlights the Power of First Impressions

HGTV’s new series Curb Appeal Xtreme centers on a renovation of the perimeter of a home—the lawn, the sides, and the backyard—and stars John Gidding, Jamie Durie, and Rachel Taylor.

Never underestimate the power of a well-placed Japanese Maple. Or the artful and textural use of stones and pavers with simple solar lighting and drought-resistant perennials that add visual interest to the perimeter of your home.

Architecturally, be in tune with what your house wants to say. Is it a Mid-century modern home? Do not plant a robust English garden in the front; you would be fighting the clean lines and ethos of your house’s intended look.

Conversely, a traditional home would look odd with plants and design that favors MCM homes’ minimalism.

About Curb Appeal Xtreme

Fan-favorite outdoor renovation series Curb Appeal will get a fresh spin in the new HGTV series Curb Appeal Xtreme, utilizing the experience and architectural design savvy of John Gidding with the genius of award-winning horticulturist and landscape designer Jamie Durie and the custom carpentry and furniture wizardry of newcomer Rachel Taylor.

The series introduces Gidding, Durie, and Taylor, who work together to help people get their lawns and landscaping up to snuff, especially after traumatic weather events that have knocked the homeowners back on their heels emotionally and financially.

This exciting spin-off will take on challenging home exteriors and complete redesigns of front lawns and backyards.

Homeowners will express what they hope for and share the events that led to the outdoors disasters as they await the results—whether it’s a verdant garden backdrop that frames every ray of sun, a customized yoga deck, or an outdoor room that everyone loves, the open-air kitchen.

The trio will tackle damaged or uninspired outdoor properties throughout the season and turn them into jaw-dropping and inviting spaces with personalized touches.

HGTV says: “the sky’s the limit for this team.” First, the trio fixes a dangerously sloped yard and turns it into a family oasis complete with a fenced play zone for the kids.  The clip below shows how they address a tornado-damaged home and revamp it with an outdoor kitchen.

The extreme outdoor upgrades are designed to maximize each property’s potential and value. In addition to airing on HGTV, each new episode of Curb Appeal Xtreme will be available to stream on discovery+ on Wednesdays starting Sept. 8.

Notes and quotes

“I’ve been reimagining home exteriors for years, but the projects in Curb Appeal Xtreme are among the most ambitious challenges I’ve ever taken on as a designer,” said Gidding in a press release to TV Shows Ace. “Along with Jamie Durie’s incredible skills as a world-renowned landscape designer and Rachel Taylor’s beautiful custom builds, we’re going far beyond the simple makeovers I did on the original Curb Appeal series to accomplish some of the most incredible full-scale property transformations yet.”

“When we design these spaces for clients, it’s not just about form and function, but it’s about creating a sense of meaning and a sense of establishment for their houses,” said Durie in the release.

“Seeing the homeowners’ reactions to these massive transformations is incredibly rewarding…the outpouring of emotions tells us we’ve built something they will cherish for years to come,” said Taylor. “This is what Curb Appeal Xtreme is all about.”


Curb Appeal Extreme premieres Wednesday, September 8 at 8 PM ET/PT on HGTV and streaming on discovery plus.


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