‘LPBW’ Spoilers: Matt Roloff Confirms Possible Wedding To Caryn Next Year?

Caryn Chandler/Matt Roloff/Instagram

By this time next year, could Matt and Amy Roloff both be married to other people? Matt Roloff seemed to drop a huge hint about his wedding plans to Caryn Chandler. Keep reading to find out why fans think there will be another Roloff wedding next summer. 

Amy Roloff Will Marry Chris Marek at Roloff Farms

Much of the focus of Season 22 of LPBW has been on Amy Roloff’s wedding planning. She’s set to marry Chris Marek on August 28, 2021. The couple originally planned to marry in 2020, but had to change their plans due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, many other couples were in the same dilemma. As a result, finding a wedding venue was a hurdle for Amy. 

Matt Roloff graciously offered Roloff Farms for his ex’s wedding. After considering the pros and cons, Amy Roloff accepted the offer. Her hesitation stemmed from all the memories of living on Roloff Farms during her previous marriage to Matt.

Throughout the season, viewers watched Amy narrow down details, from the souvenir attendees will take home to choosing her grandson, Jackson, as ring bearer. 

Amy’s Ex-Husband and Future-Husband Start Unlikely Bromance 

Amy Roloff was against the idea of her ex and her new man becoming friends at all. However, not even Amy could stop the growing friendship between Matt and Chris. Viewers were delighted by the budding bromance between the two. 

Chris and Matt even sat together for on-camera interviews for Season 22. It was during one of those that Matt seemed to slip and reveal his future plans with his girlfriend, Caryn Chandler.

Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler/Credit: Matt Roloff/Instagram
Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler/Credit: Matt Roloff/Instagram

Did Matt Roloff Just Spill His Wedding Plans for Next Year?!

As with any bromance, Matt and Chris like to rib each other, particularly when it comes to Amy. In a clip shared by TLC on Twitter, Chris jokes that Matt is more than happy to “get rid of Amy” by her marrying another man. 

TV Season Spoilers draws special attention to one quip from Chris that made Matt Roloff uncomfortable. Regarding the wedding at Roloff Farms, Chris said, “Who knows, we can come up with some great ideas for you and Caryn for the following year.” 

Fans have been clamoring for Matt to propose to his long-time girlfriend. He’s been publicly dating Caryn for five years now, though fans speculate their relationship may have started while he was still with Amy. 

The outlet notes that Matt has said in the past that he won’t propose to Caryn until after Amy’s wedding, so as not to steal Amy’s thunder. 

Do you think Matt Roloff plans a 2022 wedding to Caryn Chandler? Or was Chris just pulling his buddy’s chain? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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