‘Bachelorette’ Katie Thurston, Blake Moynes Reveal Where They Will Live, Wedding Talk

Blake Moynes Katie Thurston via YouTube

Fans saw Katie Thurston get engaged to Canadian hottie Blake Moynes Monday night on The Bachelorette. Now that their relationship can go public, fans are eager to know what is next. Many have been shipping these two together for quite some time, even before Blake showed up late to her season. So, what is next for Blake and Katie? Where will they live? Plus, is there already talk of a wedding?

Katie Thurston, Blake Moynes reveal living arrangements

Now that Katie and Blake are out in the public eye, fans want to know what’s next for them. After all, Katie lives in the United States and planning a move on September 1. Blake is Canadian and has roots near Toronto. So, what are their plans?

Katie and Blake have been giving media interviews since the finale aired. One interview on Extra revealed plenty about Blake and Katie’s plans. They revealed that Katie is moving to San Diego from Washington State on September 1. Blake will still be living in Canada. However, they both shared they will be going back and forth. Blake said he plans to stay with her a month or more at a time then she will do the same in Canada. They are ready and committed to making their relationship work. Eventually, the couple plans to pick one location to settle down.

Katie and Blake via YouTube
Katie and Blake via YouTube

Are they already talking about wedding plans?

Blake and Katie were asked about wedding plans. The couple says right now no official date has been set. However, Katie was quick to point out that in the future there will definitely be a wedding day. Right now, they are focused on spending more time together and enjoying the little things. For example, Katie mentioned it will be nice to just drive in a car together finally.

She also expressed that planning a wedding will be a bit more confusing due to them both living in different countries. There are more hurdles to cross legally and figure out what they want and need to do. Another hurdle they may need to cross is getting Aunt Lindsey’s approval. She left quite an impression on Bachelor Nation Monday night.

While no wedding plans are happening yet, rest assured these two are doing their best to get there. Blake and Katie appear to be perfectly suited for one another. Time will tell how quickly these two make it to the alter.

In the meantime, stay tuned for more updates about Blake and Katie.



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