Amy King Posts Hopeful Message For Her Cousin Josh Duggar’s Victims

Amy King is showing that she’s not backing down. The Duggar relative has been speaking out about her cousin Josh Duggar’s arrest a few months ago. She is often urging Josh’s wife Anna to leave him and keep herself and the kids safe. She also wants Anna to speak up and tell her story.

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While Amy is cautious about specifically naming Josh and Anna in her posts, fans believe all of these posts have something to do with Josh’s alleged crimes. It’s obvious that Josh’s recent arrest is hitting Amy hard. She recently shared a photo of her toddler son, Daxton, in the pool. While Amy previously shared shirtless photos of her son, she stopped herself this time. She placed a heart emoji over her son’s chest, pointing out in the caption that you never know who is looking at these photos.

Now, Amy is proving that she’s not holding back. She shared yet another post, and this time, she seems to be talking to Josh’s victims.

Amy King shares a hopeful message for Josh Duggar’s victims.

On her Instagram stories on Tuesday night, Amy shared a quote “for those hurting tonight.” It’s unclear if she wrote this herself or if someone else wrote it and she’s simply reposting it.

The quote reads:

“you asked God to make something beautiful out of your life. & a garden isn’t beautiful until it’s seen some rainy days, until some weeds have been plucked out of it. so don’t be surprised by the rainy days. or when things around you start disappearing. pain is often the key that unlocks the most beautiful stories.”

She could be talking to Josh’s family and victims about this challenging time they’re going through right now. It’s possible that Amy is referring to Josh as a “weed” in the Duggar family’s lives. Maybe she is hinting that life will be easier or better for the Duggar family if Josh goes to jail if he’s found guilty in his trial in November.

Of course, it’s always possible that Amy just liked this quote and shared it for that reason. Maybe she isn’t talking about Josh or anyone that he has hurt in her cryptic posts.

So, do you think Amy King’s latest post is meant for Josh Duggar’s victims? Do you think Anna Duggar will eventually listen to Amy? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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