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‘Love After Lockup’: Nicolle’s History With Ex Zakk Explained

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Nicolle Bradley is extremely torn between two men (and a woman) on this season of Love After Lockup. She was released into Daonte’s arms. However, she has been reluctant to truly give herself to him. He has given her everything she could possibly ask for. Still, it does not seem to be enough. Ultimately, she ended up in the arms (and bed) of her ex-boyfriend, Zakk. This broke Daonte’s heart. So, what is the complete history between Nicolle and Zakk? The duo goes back a very long time, pre-prison.

Breaking Daonte’s Love After Lockup Heart

Credit: Love After Lockup Instagram
Credit: Love After Lockup Instagram

Daonte had been so faithful to Nicolle since he met her over a year ago. He even got a doll called Nicolle Jr. to keep him faithful while she was locked up. While in prison, she had a list of demands for when she was released. She wanted her nails done and a car. Daonte made her dreams come true when he went to pick Nicolle up. He gave her a thousand dollars in cash. Additionally, he gave her an iPhone, two Michael Kors watches, expensive shoes, and much more.

Sadly, she refused to come home with him. Nicolle used the iPhone to text her ex-boyfriend, Zakk. She also texted her ex-girlfriend, Tia who she met in prison. Nicolle claimed she was not comfortable being intimate. At the hair salon, she revealed she had been with another woman the week before she was released. It was unclear if she was really into Daonte or just using him for personal gain.

She told her mom her plan after prison was to use Daonte for the time being. Furthermore, the night she met his mom, Nicolle brought up her desire for breast augmentation. He said he would do whatever was necessary to give her what she wanted. After he brought her home, Daonte caught Nicolle sneaking into someone else’s car. It turned out to be Zakk’s. He freaked out on Nicolle, realizing he had been used. Though she said his passion turned her on, Nicolle left with Zakk.

Nicolle’s History With Zakk

Credit: Love After Lockup Instagram
Credit: Love After Lockup Instagram

When Nicolle returned home, her mother disciplined her for the way she had been treating Daonte. It did not change the fact she had been intimate with Zakk when they drove off. They have a long history together, according to Starcasm. The two started dating in November 2016, a few months after he was discharged from the Army. This is something he and Daonte have in common. Daonte is a former Marine so clearly, Nicolle has a type.

They remained together up until her sentencing. This was also around the time Nicolle was starring in adult films with Love After Lockup’s Lacey Whitlow. Lacey went by the stage name of Kaci Kash while Nicolle’s was Molly. If Zakk knew about Nicolle’s double life, he clearly was unbothered. On the most recent episode of LAL, he mentioned he and Nicolle kept in touch while she was in prison.

Nicolle did not want to miss out on possible feelings for Zakk. Yet, she still does care for Daonte. On top of it all, she cares for Tia. Zakk is soon out of the picture when Tia, Daonte, and Nicolle appear in the new season of Life After Lockup premiering on August 27th. Until then, watch the drama unfold on Love After Lockup every Friday night on WEtv.



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