‘Below Deck Med’: Malia White Reveals She ‘Swings Both Ways’

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Below Deck Med star Malia White dropped a hint about her sexuality. On Monday night’s episode, deckhand Lloyd Spencer shared a time when his former boss would call him derogatory names. He admitted that he’s “90% straight.” His boss judged him on his sexuality, rather than his work ethic.

This led to a toxic work environment onboard the yacht. Lloyd was overcome with emotion after the crew’s dinner. He couldn’t believe that his new boss was so supportive and welcoming. At first, Malia admitted that she wants to make yachting fun until she revealed something about herself.

Malia White addresses her sexuality

During the latest Below Deck Med episode, Malia White assured Lloyd that she accepts him as he is. It all started when Mzee Demper talked about the bigotry and racism that takes place in the industry. As a Black man, he knows what it’s like to be discriminated against. Lloyd couldn’t fully be himself when he first worked in yachting.

His boss would harass and bully him. Malia, Katie Flood, and David Pascoe hugged him and assured him that they love him no matter what. Malia revealed that she “swung both ways” in college and still hooks up with women. In her confessional interview, she got emotional as she talked about the homophobia that still exists in the yachting industry.


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As fans recall, Malia got flirty with former chief stew Hannah Ferrier during Season 2. Hannah said that Malia looked “cute,” and the two made out during a drunken crew night out. Malia was also part of a love triangle between Chef Adam Glick and bosun Wesley Walton. Ultimately, she chose Adam, but their relationship didn’t make it to land.

Malia mostly dated men. She was in a long-term relationship with Chef Tom Checketts during Season 5. However, it’s the first time she came out about her sexuality.

Below Deck Med star called her “secretly gay”

Last year, Captain Sandy Yawn made headlines when she recorded a Cameo video for a fan. The male said he had a crush on the bosun. Captain Sandy said, “Malia, I think is secretly gay, to be honest. That’s my opinion. Everybody in production thinks that. Oh! This is gonna be public, isn’t it?” The Below Deck Med video immediately went viral on social media.

Malia caught wind of that infamous video. She took to Instagram to set the record straight about her sexuality. She started her video by saying that she “was just as shocked as everyone else.” Malia didn’t understand why her sexuality was suddenly a topic of conversation.


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“First off, if I was gay, I would just like to say it should be my decision when and if to out it to the entire internet,” Malia explained in the now-deleted video. “If I was, I would be openly proud to be gay […] and yeah, I’ll just leave it at that.”

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Malia said the incident happened before they filmed Season 6. She doesn’t feel that Sandy meant any harm, but it made for an awkward time. Sandy later apologized to Malia. Once they reunited for Season 6, they moved on from that situation and remained friends.

Below Deck Med airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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