‘Below Deck Med’: Why Was Lloyd Spencer Bullied On His Last Boat?

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On Monday night’s episode of Below Deck Med, Lloyd Spencer revealed that he’s “90% straight.” The deckhand shared a raw and emotional story about his experience on a previous boat. Lloyd said that his previous employer bullied him because of his sexuality. This traumatic incident followed him onto this boat with his new crewmates.

The new season of the Bravo series already had its share of ups and downs. Every time the crew drinks, they either get angry or emotional. Lloyd got emotional while his fellow crew members would talk among themselves. He couldn’t believe how easy it was to make friends with the crew.

Lloyd Spencer talks about bullying and harassment on a previous boat

The new episode of Below Deck Med had a heartbreaking moment. Lloyd gushed about what a great boss Malia White is. He loves how accepting she is, considering the difficulty he had with his previous boss. Following the crew’s dinner, they returned to the yacht to dance, drink, flirt, and party some more.

Prior to that moment, the crew talked about the bigotry, homophobia, and racism that still takes place in the yachting industry. Lloyd finds his new crew refreshing from his old boat. He revealed that his old boss would call him offensive names. In his confessional interview, he shared that the yachting owner of the boat would not hire someone based on their gender, race, or sexual orientation.


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Lloyd could never be himself because of his sexuality. That’s when he admitted to chief stew Katie Flood that he’s “90% straight.” He never mentioned his sexuality until that moment. Lloyd explained that he went from a job where he was “like a god to 50 people” to being “treated like s*** by his captain.”

Lloyd previously worked as a European coach driver. He enjoyed taking guests on sailing trips. His passion for the job is what led to his career in yachting. However, the toxic work environment and close-minded individuals gave Lloyd major doubts.

Below Deck Med star opens up about his sexuality

Lloyd got emotional as he told Katie that his previous captain would call him a “f*****.” He broke down crying and the rest of the Below Deck Med crew took notice. They went over to comfort Lloyd. They reassured him that they love him no matter what his sexuality is.

His crew felt that there need to be more people like Lloyd in the world. Malia admitted that she “swung both ways” in college and still does from time to time. David tells Lloyd that he’s now working on a boat with a group of people who accept him for who he is. The group then gathers around for a group hug, as a confused Lexi Wilson looks on as she walks by.


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In her confessional interview, Malia admitted that the yachting industry has a long way to go. She said that it’s very “old school” when it comes to expecting crew members to act and look a certain way. The bosun got choked up and said that it’s not fair. Lloyd calls his sexuality his best friend that has a “varying scale” that goes up and down.

He doesn’t understand why anyone would be concerned about who he chooses to date. Below Deck Med fans took to social media to share their love and appreciation for the fan-favorite. Most of them left kind messages on Lloyd’s Twitter and Instagram accounts. They appreciate hearing his brave story, especially if it can help someone else.

Below Deck Med airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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