Trouble In Paradise? Tyler Cameron Has Fans Talking

Tyler Cameron, Instagram

Tyler Cameron declared his love for Camila Kendra on WWHL while she and Matt James looked on. He called her his soulmate and looked very much like a man in love.

That’s why rumors of trouble in paradise came out of left field for fans. A picture posted on Instagram showed Tyler allegedly with a blonde girl hanging on him. Tyler is known for making it to the final three of Hannah Brown’s season. The two reconnected after her relationship with the winner didn’t work out, but they decided to be friends. Tyler released the proposal he wrote for Hannah and fans swooned. Now, they aren’t sure what to think.

What Happened To Tyler Cameron’s Relationship?

The picture of Tyler Cameron shared by The Sun was taken in Jacksonville beach. Tyler posted on Twitter, “Exciting things happening in Jacksonville. Stoked to be a part of it! Great time with the fellas!” Fans noticed he had a great time with the women too.

The article also reported that Tyler and Camila unfollowed each other on Instagram. It seems like a complete 180 from his declaration a week ago. Camila is reportedly with family vacationing in Italy. Cameron said Camila was his soulmate and so was Matt James. Tyler and Matt have a very close relationship. So much that Tyler came onto Matt’s season to help him with his inside knowledge of being a contestant. Katie Thurston and Matt also pranked him while he was on the show.

Tyler also told Andy Cohen that he’d only been in love twice. The first being Hannah and it seemed Camila had his heart as the second. Tyler had been all in with Hannah and she chose Jed. After licking his wounds and dating a model, it seemed he had finally settled down.

Tyler Cameron, Instagram

What’s Next For The Reality Star?

Tyler Cameron has been busy with endorsements, a cameo in a Netflix movie, and lots of other things. There have been rumors he might be going to Dancing With The Stars. If he had pictures of Camila on his Instagram, they are gone now. The same is true of her account. Her latest picture is a stunner where she wears a bathing suit. The caption says, “let’s runaway.” Her stories have all been videos of her being a tourist and enjoying her vacation.

The sudden trouble in their relationship is even more shocking because of how slow they took it in the beginning. Tyler said they didn’t even kiss until their fifth date. While he admitted he’d tried before that, Camila wasn’t having it.

What do you think about the seemingly sudden breakup? Do you have theories about what went wrong? Comment with your thoughts down below.

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