Is Katie Thurston Still Engaged To Her Final Rose Winner Blake Moynes?

Katie Thurston Engaged

Tonight fans saw the epic conclusion of Katie Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette. Fans saw Blake Moynes swoop in and save the day. He stood by her and she realized he was her soul mate. Once she knew love, Katie sent a shocked Justin Glaze home. Katie got her happy ending on the show. Most fans know that After the Final Rose was filmed previously. So, is Katie and Blake still together?

Is Katie Thurston and Blake Moynes still together?

Before the finale could even wrap up, Katie went to Instagram to share whether or not she and Blake are together. Spoiler alert! They are still engaged, in love and extremely excited for their future together. Today is not only the finale, it’s Blake Moynes birthday.

Katie went to Instagram to share photos of her and Blake together with wearing birthday hats on. They are standing behind a birthday cake for Blake. Katie’s caption was perfect. She said, “Happy f*cking birthday honey bear! 🐻💕What a wild couple of months it has been. I couldn’t have done this without you. I’m so ready to leave these bubbles and start living our life!”

Side note, perhaps Katie’s previous Instagram post was a hint she chose Blake in the end. Katie had said she’s in love and posted a bear emoji. Fans pointed out the jerseys the two wore at hometowns. Now, Katie called him “honeybear.”

She went on with her post saying, “You are kind, patient, understanding, and your advocacy for the planet and animals is remarkable. I’m so lucky to call you my fiancé 💍. My best friend. My confidant. We are just two weirdos laughing our way through life together. Cheers to the upcoming adventures! 🥂 Next stop.. CANADA!”


Blake also posted about Katie

Blake went to Instagram as well to share a sexy photo of the two of them. He’s holding her with her legs around his waist. She’s flashing that gorgeous ring while holding a bottle of champagne.

Blake said, “So excited to start our best fucking life! You’re a rock. My rock. A mature, nurturing, supportive & loving partner who continues to impress me everyday. We have an adventure called life ahead of us and I hope you know I’ll do everything I can to help, push and encourage you to make the most of every little bit of it!”

Congrats to Katie and Blake! The best is yet to come!

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