‘Sister Wives’ Season 16 Leak: Meri Has A New Man, Leaves Kody [Debunked]

Sister Wives - Meri Brown

Details from Sister Wives Season 16 have begun to leak suggesting Meri Brown has left her husband Kody for a new man. Where are these details for Sister Wives Season 16 leaking from? Is the leak even true? Keep reading, we’ve got the scoop.

Sister Wives Season 16 Leak: Meri Brown is DONE with Kody

According to a recent report from Heavy, Meri Brown is officially DONE with her husband Kody. In fact, the outlet reveals that Life & Style and InTouch Weekly have spoken to an anonymous source close to Meri. A source revealed Meri Brown is DONE faking her relationship with Kody for the cameras.

The source explained: “She’s trying to at least build a friendship with Kody for the sake of the reality show. But you’re not going to see them faking it for the cameras anymore.”

Sister Wives Kody Brown - Meri Brown
Kody Brown & Meri Brown/Instagram

Does She Have a New Boyfriend In Her Life?

Turns out, Meri Brown has not only left Kody. But, the source claims she’s also moved on with a new man in her life.

The source continued to reveal: He’s very blue-collar. He’s not a fame seeker. He’s a nice person, which is what Meri needs. Her new man is a close friend of one of her sisters’ husbands.”

Now, the source was not revealed. And, Meri Brown has NOT confirmed she’s left Kody or started something new on social media. Season 15 of Sister Wives screamed the relationship was coming to an end. And, Meri Brown has posted a lot of very cryptic things on her Instagram that has fans thinking this relationship is over. But, nothing has been confirmed.

Meri Brown Instagram
Meri Brown Instagram

Sister Wives Season 16 Leak Debunked: Fact or Fiction?

The report from Heavy revealing that Meri was leaving Kody and kicking off a new relationship was published DAYS ago. But, the sources the outlet referenced were actually published YEARS ago. So, it is not possible that this information would be a Sister Wives Season 16 leak because of how long ago this alleged source released this information.

Meri Brown has been very cryptic in suggesting she and Kody might not be together anymore. Sister Wives fans would LOVE to see her get a new man. But, there aren’t any NEW reports suggesting this to be true. Besides the one from Heavy which involves referencing sources that are several years old.

Sister Wives - Meri Briown Instagram
Meri Brown Instagram

Meri Brown could be done with Kody Brown. And, she could have a new man. But, there aren’t any recent reports to suggest that is true. Likewise, TLC has not even confirmed Sister Wives season 16 is going to happen.

Are you bummed this rumor has been debunked as likely being fiction? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on this TLC family.

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