‘Love After Lockup’: Angela Gail Catches Tony Cheating Again?

Love After the Lockup Credit: YouTube

Looks like Angela Gail’s husband, Tony Wood is in hot water with his wife. The former Love After Lockup star is accused of cheating on his wife. She posted the “evidence” on her Instagram along with a lengthy post. Apparently, she found out about his shady behavior via Reddit.

Meeting the Couple on Love After Lockup

Credit: Tony Wood Instagram
Credit: Tony Wood Instagram

Angela and Tony were introduced to viewers during the show’s debut season. He was serving a three-year sentence for firearm possession. Angela was so smitten with her younger lover, she sent him endless funds to keep him satisfied until his release. By Season 2 of the series, the couple finally got to be together, in person. However, it was not all rainbows and unicorns for the duo.

Angela was consistently accusing Tony of cheating on her, mainly with prostitutes. She would find inappropriate text messages between him and other ladies. When she would throw him out, she would call these ladies and offer him up so he would have a place to go. Tony would beg and plead, saying he never touched these girls. They broke up and made up more times than one can count.

Yet, in the end, the two did end up tying the knot on the Love After Lockup up spin-off, Life After Lockup. Sadly, the marriage did not mean anything changed between the two. Angela kicked Tony out but would continue to take him back. As a mental health counselor, she felt he needed her in his life. Plus, he always had apologies. Could this couple survive or were they forever doomed?

Tony Cheats On Angela-  And She’s Mad!

Back in April, Angela did a purging of Tony’s belongings. This included making a bonfire out of some of his stuff. But all seemed happy in their little bubble. In May, the two celebrated Tony’s college graduation and in June, they were enjoying a tour of Memphis. Yet, at the end of July, Angela called Tony out on social media. She called him a coward and claimed he was running to his “mama.” Additionally, she made a post about waiting for the coward to find courage. She turned off posts for that one.

Now, she is claiming he is with another woman. The photo shows Tony sitting on his phone at a table. Yes, he is with another person. However, said person is blurred out. According to Angela, she found the picture on Reddit. The woman in question apparently drove a very long distance to meet up with Tony. Angela claims the two have been texting for a while and she saw the messages.

Credit: Angela Gail Instagram/Reddit
Credit: Angela Gail Instagram/Reddit

It has been going on since before he left for his mother’s home. She also mentions the vehicle Tony is driving in. He might be broke so selling the car could be his only option. If he does try to sell the car, he refers to him as “stupid” though she hopes he would not be. Ultimately, she says he is Tony so what does one expect.

Do you think they’ll get back together after this or is it really over for the couple? Let us know. Don’t miss Love After Lockup Fridays on WEtv.



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