Could Gleb Savchenko Get His Very Own Reality TV Series?

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Dancing With The Stars fans love watching Gleb Savchenko perform on stage year after year. The Russian native is definitely getting a reputation for being popular with the ladies. So what if he got his very own reality TV series? What would that even look like?

Gleb Savchenko is trying to be more hands-on in his daughters’ lives

In an interview with ET, Gleb described his life post-divorce from Elena Samodanova. The two share custody of their daughters, Olivia, 10, and Zlata, 4.

“It’s everything. Starting from waking up in the morning, to doing their hair, making breakfast, taking them to school, doing activities … just being a dad, it’s an amazing thing,” the 37-year-old dancer said. “It’s funny because when we were together, with Elena, I didn’t have that much time with them. Because either I was on tour, or on the season, and we had a full-time nanny.”

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But now that he has to share custody of the girls, Gleb is more of a hands-on dad.

“Now we go strictly five and five. It’s 50/50, so on my days, it’s like 100 percent me being a single dad with two girls,” the dancer went on to say. “It’s an amazing TV show idea, by the way! Hot single dad with kids? Game over!”

Gleb says he would totally be interested in a reality TV show starring himself as a single dad searching for love. He adds that his older daughter Olivia is obsessed with TikTok and would also be on board.

What does Gleb’s dating life look like these days?

Since his split with Elena, Gleb Savchenko was once romantically linked to actress Cassie Scerbo. They went on vacation to Mexico together last year. However, we haven’t heard much about their relationship since and it seems like they may have cooled things off.

In the interview with ET, Gleb adds that he has a “friend,” but isn’t willing to go into more detail than that at the moment.

“I have a friend, let’s put it this way. A friend,” he told the publication. “I have a beautiful friend. She’s kinda famous. That’s it!”

Even if that reality TV show never happens, Gleb still has plenty to look forward to. Dancing With The Stars Season 30 airs on September 20 and he really hopes to be part of the cast. We’ll probably know more about cast lists in the upcoming weeks.

And in the meantime, Gleb also recently obtained American citizenship.

“It’s a dream come true,” he told E! “I grew up in Russia, in Moscow, and I’d always just read [about the States]. It was like an impossible dream for me to live in America and one day become an American citizen.”

His status as an American citizen makes it much easier for him to travel to different countries. That could definitely come in handy if that reality TV show happens and needs to film on location.

Would you tune in and watch Gleb Savchenko star on a reality TV series? Be sure to let us know in the comments.

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