Ashley Iaconetti Compares Conditions Of Pregnancy To ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Experience

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Ashley Iaconetti talked about comparing pregnancy to the conditions on Bachelor in Paradise. She said pregnancy and morning sickness is worse. Ashley has had a terrible time with morning sickness during her first trimester. She has previously talked about the uncomfortable accommodations when she was on the beach. Also, Ashley spent most of her time crying over her now-husband Jared.

She compared her time there to her pregnancy. Ashley said she was young and could handle it better then. She said, “When you’re 27 and 28, like, there’s a big difference [from] 33. Your tolerance for, like, all that stuff is so much higher.” Fans only get to see a small amount of the time they spend in Paradise and they don’t often get that much footage of their rooms.

Jared Haibon Agreed It Wasn’t Always Paradise

Ashley Iaconetti’s husband agreed with her, according to US Weekly. The two of them met there but didn’t date seriously until years later. Jared said people see the glamour but there wasn’t air conditioning or toilets that flush well. He said on top of toilets not flushing, you’re sharing a bathroom with eight guys.

Jared isn’t the only one from BIP who talked about having bathroom issues while on the beach. Jade Roper said her least favorite thing about being on BIP was the fact she didn’t poop for ten days. She said she was dehydrated and Tenley Molzahn even tried giving her a colon massage.

Ashley Iaconetti Shares Everything With Her Fans

Ashley Iaconetti has been very open with her fans from the beginning. She doesn’t mind sharing things with her followers. That includes the good, bad, and ugly of the first trimester. In a new picture on her Instagram, she said she’s thirteen weeks. Ashley posted, “Is this a baby bump or the Wendy’s I had today with a side of pregnancy constipation? Vote below.”

Instagram, Ashley Iaconetti

She’s been very open with fans throughout her pregnancy and even the journey to conception. Her birth announcement was a picture of Jared holding her hair back over the toilet. There’s no doubt she’ll continue to share every step of the journey.

The sickness took her by surprise. She said, “I was seeing improvement and then I threw up seven times in one night. It was quite traumatic. … I had no idea it was going to be, like, a persistent 24/7 nauseous situation.”

Jared said his wife is a trooper. He shared she had a very hard time. He said, “I feel terrible because there’s not much I can do except the occasional runs to the store.” He said he gets Slurpees from 7/11 or chocolate cake. What do you think of Ashley preferring iffy BIP conditions to pregnancy? Share your thoughts below.

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