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Wells Adams Blames Ben Higgins For Latest ‘Bachelorette’ Debacle

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Bachelor nation watched a shocking fight Monday night between Katie Thurston and Greg Grippo. Wells Adams blames Ben Higgins. To understand how everyone’s favorite bartender came to this conclusion, fans have to look at what went down.

After an amazing hometown, Greg and Katie were sitting alone talking to each other. Greg in his interviews had said he couldn’t understand how Katie didn’t know it was him. There was a moment where he told her how he felt, and she didn’t react the way he thought she should. Katie had been very clear with the camera and with each family, she wasn’t going to say I love you until it was her and the last person.

She tried to reassure Greg things were great between them, she even said, “you’ve always been my number one.” He became more and more agitated until finally she left and told him she’d see him soon. The next day, he doubled down on his accusations she’d been cold when he told her how he felt. Katie was left awestruck at how it all changed so quickly. She broke down and he put up a wall, it was hard to watch.

Why Does Wells Adams Blame Ben Higgins For This?

Wells Adams spoke out about the fight according to US Weekly. Wells didn’t hold back and said he felt like it was annoying because Greg didn’t understand how the show works. He said Katie gave him as much positive affirmation as she could, and it wasn’t enough. Adams said Greg should have given Katie a lot more grace than he did.

Wells said, “I blame Ben Higgins for this because he all of a sudden changed the script on everyone. And like was just telling people willy nilly that he loved them.” Wells is as much of a fan as he is a part of Bachelor nation and he tells the truth good and bad.

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It Screwed Everything Up According To The Bartender

Wells Adams said Ben telling everyone he loved them screwed everything up. He said, “then we don’t have the normal beats of the show. And then it gives it, it makes it so you can end the show early.” Some fans have pointed out on Twitter that Clare deciding to leave with Dale Moss might have given producers the encouragement to tighten up the contract.

There are fans on both sides. Several want him to come back and makeup with Katie to get the final rose. The other half think he’s toxic and accused him of gaslighting Katie. Katie herself seemingly acknowledged being gaslit by posting the definition to her social media while the episode aired. It’s hard to know if she was saying he did or didn’t. Unfortunately, fans will only find out when After The Final Rose airs on finale night.

Is Wells right?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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