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‘MBFFL’ Season 9: What Is Chase’s Big News For Whitney?!

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Whitney Way Thore returns to TLC for another season of her hit show My Big Fat Fab Life. In the trailer, Whitney talks about starting over, but someone from the past is still very much in the present. In the last moments of a new teaser, Chase Severino reunites with Whitney. Her ex-fiance nervously has something to tell her. Fans took to the comments on TLC’s social media post to guess Chase’s big news. 

Whitney Way Thore Puts Chase in the Rear-View Mirror With New Beau 

Chase Severino popped the question to Whitney on top of the Eiffel Tower. However, their romance blew up when he cheated on her and got his ex-girlfriend pregnant. The split was documented for season 8 of MBFFL. Season 9 will see Whitney moving on with someone new. 

She falls hard for her French tutor. In fact, she went to France on vacation in July. She shared some photos of her “summer sabbatical.” Whitney also met up with her beau while she was in his home country. 

Credit: Whitney Way Thore/Instagram
Credit: Whitney Way Thore/Instagram

Some fans are convinced that her French beau is a catfish. Others believe that Whitney Way Thore ‘hires’ men to play her boyfriend on the show. They even thought her entire relationship with Chase Severino was scripted. 

MBFFL Fans Not Happy to See Whitney’s Ex-Fiance 

Fans of the TLC show got quite the surprise in the new Season 9 teaser. They didn’t expect to see Chase Severino again after he split up with Whitney. In fact, it sounds like they would prefer to never see him on the show again. 

TLC shared the trailer on their Instagram account. Fans took to the comment section with negative reactions to Chase’s appearance. Check out some of the comments slamming Chase returning for Season 9 after breaking up with Whitney: 

  • jcutt13 Why is chase on this season. He is irrelevant at this point
  • watibb3 The only thing chase should share is if he has an std. Anything else is irrelevant.
  • cynthiaallen235 What if he wants her to be the God mother 😳…😅.. Lol … Yes I’ll be tuned in 😜
  • _melissja Chase looks gross. What is he asking her to be a brides maid at this point. Seriously they dated for like 2 months. Can she let that go?

What is Chase’s Big News? 

In the trailer, Chase and Whitney sit across from each other in a restaurant. Chase nervously wrings his hands. He has something to tell his ex-fiance. While the trailer doesn’t reveal his secret, it does show Whitney’s shocked reaction. The scene between Chase and Whitney caused a lot of activity in the comments. Fans were guessing what Chase’s big secret is. 

As seen above, fans had some pretty wild guesses. Is Chase asking Whitney to be his baby’s godmother or a bridesmaid in his wedding? He has yet to confirm the rumors of an engagement. Some fans think Chase is moving back to town and wanted to give Whitney a head’s up. Whatever Chase’s secret is, fans are convinced it has to do with his baby mama. 

Chase's big News comments/Credit TLC/Instagram
‘MBFFL’ Chase’s big News comments/Credit TLC/Instagram

Whitney Way Thore fans will have to wait just a few more weeks before finding out Chase’s big news. MBFFL returns to TLC on Tuesday, August 17.

What do you think Chase’s big news is on MBFFL? Share your guesses in the comments below.

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