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Is ‘The Bachelor’ Scripted, Former Cast Members Weigh In?

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Fans of The Bachelor sometimes wonder if some of the drama is scripted. It’s hard to tell because some of the former contestants say one thing while others say something different. There have been plenty of books written by past cast members. Some dance around the question, while others flat-out said it’s scripted. Shows like Unreal paint a picture of manipulative producers ruining lives to get the perfect shot.

Fans enjoy watching because they like to escape into mindless television. They will continue to believe the people they are watching are giving them their authentic selves. What do some of the main players say? As Katie Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette comes to an end, some of the show’s alumni talked about the reality of it all. A brutal fight between Katie and Greg caused fans to split. Half say he manipulated her and belittled her. Others say she was in the wrong. But what’s real?

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What Did Former Contestants Of The Bachelor Franchise Say?

The Bachelor producers work hard and sometimes they might get someone to open up in a way they wouldn’t have. Chris Bukowski said he said lines fed to him straight from a producer. He said that happened because he, “was saying lines verbatim from producers because I’d been sitting in a stupid room for an hour and wanted to go.

He said they interrogated him, and finally, he just said it to make them stop asking. According to Life and Style, Bennett Jordan of Tayshia Adam’s season said he didn’t feel manipulated. He added, “I think people know that reality TV is not real life.” Jordan said the producers have a job, to entertain. He said you try to show your best self and understand what you’re getting into.

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The Women Looked At It A Little Differently

The women of The Bachelor also weighed in. Catherine Giudici answered the question on Instagram if producers make people do things. She said, “nope. They can ask questions and maybe guide you in an answer… you are responsible for what you say and do.”

Raven Gates admitted to feeding producers information to get out of interviews. She told them who didn’t like who, and where the drama could come in. She said, “the drama is real, but sometimes producers need a little help knowing whose buttons to push.”

Jamie Otis said producers asked her in her exit interview if she missed her family. She started sobbing and then they asked how she felt about Ben letting her go. It looked like she cried because Ben didn’t pick her.

What do you think about the realness of television shows like The Bachelor? Comment with your thoughts down below.

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