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‘General Hospital’ Recast Leak – Who Is Next In Port Charles?

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General Hospital  spoilers suggest a sweet moment involving little Donna is coming up soon, but this will be a difficult moment for those involved as well. Viewers are ready and waiting for Sonny to remember who he really is and return to Port Charles. There have been signs Sonny’s return may happen soon. Now, this new apparent script leak reveals a bit more.

Sonny Is Dearly Missed

Everybody close to Sonny in Port Charles continues to mourn his supposed death, and nobody from his inner circle knows he’s still alive. Nina, of course, knows the truth. However, she’s kept that tidbit about “Mike’s” real identity to herself. She’s falling for “Mike” too, and General Hospital viewers know this will implode on her soon.

Not long ago, General Hospital star Maurice Benard shared what seemed to be a mild spoiler regarding Sonny. Benard was in his dressing room and videotaped himself dressed as Mike at one point, and Sonny at another. Was that a sign Sonny would be back soon? Given other General Hospital spoilers swirling around, it seems unlikely. Instead, it seems more likely any scenes Benard taped at that point would be visions of Sonny appearing for Carly or someone else close to him.

Jason And Carly’s Big Wedding Is On The Horizon

Throughout Sonny’s absence, Jason has stepped up to help Carly and her family. The two have decided getting married to one another would be the best move they could make for the business, so they got engaged. General Hospital spoilers hint the wedding will air in late August or early September, or at least the night prior to the wedding will come then.

This ‘General Hospital’ Moment Will Be A Stunner

Now, a new General Hospital script leak hints viewers will soon see the impact all of this has had on Donna. During an upcoming scene, spoilers hint Donna will be in her high chair eating breakfast when this powerful moment happens. As she gets ready to take a bite as she is being fed, she’ll call the person feeding her “Daddy.”

Does that mean it’s Sonny feeding Donna at that moment? Unfortunately, no. Rather, it’s apparently Jason sitting in the kitchen feeding Donna. He’ll seemingly respond to her he misses her daddy too, although it doesn’t seem that’s what Donna meant here.

As this happens, General Hospital spoilers indicate Carly will be just outside the kitchen about to walk into it. She pauses when she hears Jason and Donna, and she’ll probably catch her breath as she hears Donna call Jason Daddy.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Carly and Jason will spend the days ahead presenting a united front as best they can. Their efforts will be pretty successful from the sounds of it, at least by Donna’s perception. This General Hospital spoiler suggests Sonny still won’t be back home yet, meaning it’ll probably be at least a month or more before this storyline reaches that point.

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