discovery+ Series ‘Prisoner of Love’ Turns Inmates Into Soulmates

Cuddles in the clinker? If the Prisoner of Love producers are on to something, looking for love will not be thwarted by a prison record. It’s a kind of foreplay to some women out there who crave the knife’s edge when it comes to their taste in men.

Dating shows are everywhere, but for true crime genre lovers, this one will tick all the boxes.

Criminals? Check. Lonely women? Check. Inmates needing some fast cash? Check.  Strange sexual requests and shunning from concerned family members? Checkity, check, check, check.

discovery+ has you covered in this twist on a dating show.

Prisoner of Love was born from necessity.

Finding true love isn’t always easy as struggling singles across the country are craving a romantic connection. Unfortunately, COVID hasn’t helped and now people are used to Zoom and long-distance flirting.

Since the bar scene has dried up, lonely ladies are finding maybe ‘the one’ for them is serving time in the big house. After all, true crime television series always show the inequities of the legal system with many folks railroaded.

Just ask any of them, they will tell you they are innocent.

Bad boys and a matchmaker specialist

Enter prison matchmaker, Chelsea Holmes.

Chelsea created a service and pen pal program, and recently evolved it into a business matching hopeful singles with prisoners for the digital age.

But Chelsea also considers herself a hopeless romantic, looking for love with someone on the inside.

discovery+ says:

As Chelsea navigates her locked-up love affairs, her clients are trying to manage their own budding relationships with desperate desires for a life of love after a stint behind bars.

“There’s a stigma most people have about those in prison, but most of them are trying to better their lives – not to mention, a lot of these guys are smoking hot,” said prison matchmaker, Chelsea Holmes in a press statement to TV Shows Ace. “We all make mistakes and we all deserve a second chance at finding love. If this can work for me it can work for anyone.”

The couples

Season one of Prisoner of Love documents five couples as they navigate the complexities of dating someone in the clinker.

Chelsea and Manuel
Not only is Chelsea Holmes a prison matchmaker, but she also found love with an inmate through a prison pen pal program, she wanted to help others find the same success in their relationships. But, then, she met Manuel and it was all over but the shouting.

Isa and Devin
College student Isa has always been a good girl who now has fallen for bad boy inmate Devin. Her conservative parents are wringing their hands and her friends are like, don’t bring that guy to the barbecue, mmmkay?

Brey and Arlette
Female felons are introduced to Chelsea’s son Brey. But, unfortunately, Brey falls for felonious foxy lady Arlette.

Dexter and Yolanda
So that fact has Dexter horrified, that his son, Brey, is considering dating an inmate, he is in disbelief. This twice-divorced dad decides hey, why not? The third time’s a charm. He tries his hand at the Orange is the New Black crew.

Aluntra and Bryce
Aluntra and her fiancé Bryce have a four-year relationship.  They have big plans to get married, start a family, and find careers in a new city, but Bryce’s family and past threaten to hold them back. Aluntra is mad as a hornet about all that.

This series streams only on discovery+, three episodes of Prisoner of Love begin streaming on Monday, August 30, with three additional episodes dropping weekly thereafter.

The show is produced for discovery+ by Jupiter Entertainment.

Executive producers include Patrick Reardon, Harrison Land and Meredith Fisher for Jupiter Entertainment, and Chris Deaux for Two Fifteen West.

Lorna Thomas is executive producer for discovery+.

Prisoner of Love begins streaming August 30 on discovery+

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