Jenelle Evans Reveals Petty Details Of Split From Nathan Griffith

Jenelle Evans is being slammed by her social media followers again. This time it is for detailing the nasty way she treated ex Nathan Griffith during their ugly split.

Jenelle does not mince words when it comes to sharing the details of her past relationships. According to The Sun, Jenelle is very boastful. Evans is eager in telling her social media fans how extreme things became between the former couple during the split.

The former Teen Mom alum claims she took a lot of pleasure in dumping Nathan’s possessions on his front steps after kicking him from their home. Evans recounts the events stating that she and Griffith broke off their engagement in 2015.

Jenelle Evans Reveals What She Did To Nathan Griffith

When it comes to telling her TikTok subscribers the ‘pettiest’ things she recalls doing during a breakup. Pretending to be a bit ashamed, an amused Jenelle says, “I can’t believe I’m about the show y’all this.”

Jenelle Evans Instagram

“But it’s just my past, so I’m gonna show you.”

Jenelle continues: “It’s not necessarily what I took, but it’s actually what I gave back.

The 29-year-old mother of three reveals that when she and Kaiser’s daddy, Nathan, split, she demanded he comes to get his stuff. However, Nathan was in no hurry to jump at Evans’ commands.

Nathan’s actions, or rather lack of them, infuriated Jenelle, so she reveals she gathered up all of his things and dumped them at his front doorstep. Jenelle could also not let such a triumphant moment pass her by without documentation.

It Is ‘Funny’ Claims Jenelle

In typical Jenelle Evans fashion, she used the moment as a selfie opportunity. Evans claims she posed in front of Nathan’s dumped on the doorstep while giving the camera a big middle finger. Jenelle says, in the end, that Griffith moved in with his friend. However, the fact is she gave him three days or so to get his stuff. When he did not comply, she delivered it to him, Jenelle style, of course.

Looking back on the memory, Jenelle Evans admits that it is “pretty funny even to this day.” She casually shares the photo with fans captioning the moment, “Breakups are so funny.”

While Jenelle laughs off the craziness, some fans, on the other hand, began slamming the former reality star for boasting about her petty behavior.

One fan even questioned how Jenelle could laugh about the situation considering the alleged circumstances surrounding their split? Teen Mom fans will remember that following Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith’s 2015 their relationship took a nasty turn after only a few months.

The pair became engaged in January 2015. Their relationship took a dangerous turn when Nathan was arrested for domestic violence. He allegedly pinned Jenelle against a wall to force her engagement ring on her finger in April of that year.

Following a brief reconciliation, the two split for good in August 2015. This left Jenelle Evans available to find her “true soul mate,” David Eason. The couple wed in 2017.  The rest is Teen Mom history.

Do you find Jenelle’s ‘petty’ breakup story funny? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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