AGAIN?! Danielle Busby Crucified For ANOTHER Vacation Getaway

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Danielle Busby and the entire OutDaughtered family just jetted off for ANOTHER vacation getaway. Unfortunately, the announcement of their latest family vacation was NOT well-received Truthfully, some fans are a bit frustrated with Danielle and her family. Wondering exactly what fans had to say in response to learning of another vacation? Keep reading, we’ll explain.

Danielle Busby dragged by fans for ANOTHER vacation

The TLC mother caught heat not too long ago for getting off on a getaway that was a break from her children. Fans took issue of her leaving Adam behind while she took frequent “breaks” from her children. One of the biggest issues fans have with these getaways is Adam never seems to get much of a break from the girls while Danielle takes care of them.

“Weren’t you on vacation last week?” One fan questioned in a comment liked half a dozen times. With Adam and Danielle choosing to ignore the negative comment, it has since been buried or deleted from the post.

Danielle Busby Instagram
Danielle Busby Instagram

“This is vacation #50?? Unbelievable. She acts like she hasn’t been on vacation in years like most of us.” Another frustrated fan chimed in.

A third adds: “Wonder if TLC pays for the vacation so they have stuff to film for the show?”

Noticeably, fans seem to be more frustrated with the way Danielle Busby acts and talks when she takes a break or goes on a trip. Danielle Busby frequently talks about how she really needed the break or how it was a highly anticipated and “much needed” vacation. Fans argue she blows her reactions and feelings toward the vacations and breaks out of proportion when she takes them so often.

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Some fans rushed to her defense, does it really matter?

One fan pointed out that anyone who has the ability to regularly treat their children or themselves to amazing vacations would likely do the same thing. Others agreed it wasn’t a big deal that the Busby family opted to spend their money enjoying life. Some speculate the real issue might be jealousy from fans who aren’t able to take these types of trips.

Do you think OutDaughtered fans are just frustrated with Danielle and Adam Busby sharing this life they are able to provide for their children? Is jealousy the real issue here? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the Busby family.

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  1. Another vacation? Good for them! Their ability to pay for a vacation or pay for multiple vacations is truly NO ONE’S BUSINESS BUT THEIR OWN!!

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