‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Wedding SHOCKER Sheila Tells Finn ‘I’m Your Mother’

Bold and the Beautiful - Steffy Forrester - John "Finn" Finnegan - Sheila Carter

Bold and the Beautiful fans are in for a huge treat with this Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) and Dr. John “Finn” Finnegan (Tanner Novlan) wedding day exclusive from ET. For weeks the drama has been unfolding on Bold and the Beautiful about what Finn’s big secret was. Just recently Finn told his Fiance Steffy with his dad Jack Finnegan (Ted King) standing by his side that he was adopted. Check out the exclusive sneak peek of the shocking moments. But remember things arent always how they seem when a super villainess is involved…

Bold and the Beautiful Finn and steffy
Bold and the Beautiful Finn and Steffy Photo/Entertainment Tonight Exclusive


‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Sheila’s Reveal Rocks Finn’s World

The ET Exclusive video shows Steffy and Finn looking into each other’s eyes ready to say I do when the doors open in true soap style. Everyone is there including an unwanted intruder. B&B spoilers confirm the intruder is none other than the infamous Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown).

The happy couple posted their wedding announcement online. This made Finn’s father very nervous. Of course, Sheila popping up in Finn’s life would make any father jittery. His worse fears may have come to pass.

Bold and the Beautiful Finn and Steffy Wedding
ET Exclusive: Bold and the Beautiful Finn and Steffy Wedding

In the video, Sheila is hiding in a room in the shadows as Finn turns around she introduces herself to Finn as his mother. While this is something many B&B fans have anticipated. This comes as quite a shock to the groom. Sheila’s appearance will send shockwaves to everyone in attendance.

Bold and the Beautiful Finn and Sheila
Bold and the Beautiful Finn and Sheila Photo/Entertainment Tonight Exclusive

Kimberlin Brown and Tanner Novlan seem stoked for this storyline. I doubt Finn or Steffy will be so thrilled having Sheila in his life it is sure to have dire consequences. Not to mention Finn’s parents. It seems Jack has kept a huge secret from his family.  That secret could involve the infamous Sheila but things are never as they seem on The Bold And The Beautiful.

Is Sheila Really Finn’s Mom Or Is She Up To Her Old Tricks?

Sheila has a long and twisted history with the Forrester family on B&B. Her history with Jack Novlan has yet to be determined. However, putting the wedding announcement online may have given her some opportunities. One of which could be to contact the child she gave up for adoption. Or she may have found a way to worm her way back into the Forrester family by ruining Steffy’s beautiful day claiming to be Finn’s Bio mom. Soaps pull this well-known trick all too often on daytime viewers.

It should not be hard to discover Finn was adopted. What better way to make inroads with the family than to claim to be his birth mother Another possibility is she knows Quinn Fuller (Rena Sofer) is the bio mom. Bold And The Beautiful viewers know she hates Quinn! She may feel Quinn stole her life as Mrs. Eric Forrester. What better revenge than to “steal” her son.

No matter what the outcome there’s sure to be plenty of upcoming soapy drama on the CBS soap.

The Bold And The Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS.

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