‘Bachelorette’ Katie Thurston’s New Post Has Fans Questioning Her Ending

Katie Thurston via YouTube

The Bachelorette Katie Thurston is getting close to the end of her journey. She’s been the queen of social media posting. Plus she’s been keeping fans confused and intrigued. Her latest posts and the comments of some past contestants have fans talking. What is going on with Katie? Is she single? Is she engaged? This girl is keeping everyone guessing.

Katie Thurston’s new post has fans talking

The Bachelorette has just two weeks left of air dates. Remember, Katie ended her season an entire week early. Reality Steve has dished out spoilers for Katie’s season. However, even devoted fans are a bit confused by what’s going on. Katie has done an amazing job of keeping her ending a secret and teasing fans about it along the way. Her latest posts on Instagram are not helping solve the mystery.

Katie went to Instagram to share a few stories with music plus a photo on her page that has fans buzzing. What in the world is going on with Katie Thurston? The picture is of her looking sexy and gorgeous with a caption of  “I’m in love.
🐻” Many noticed she tagged herself. However, Katie has tagged herself in every photo she posted. Some believed she’s saying she fell in love with herself. While others are speculating she’s talking about her final rose winner. 

Many fans are hoping she ran back to Michael Allio. He’s been making flirty comments on her photos which clearly indicate he’s not over her. Others think she’s with Greg. Still, others believe she’s in love with Blake, especially with the bear emoji. Then there are many others who think Katie is single and loving herself. What do you think?

Her stories

Katie’s Instagram stories do not help solve the mystery at all. The same photo she shared on her page is also on her stories. The photo is put to music. A few of the lyrics say she has a secret. Definitely insinuates she is in love with somebody.

The next story Katie shared shows her looking stunning walking. The song playing is titled, “To The Man Who Let Her Go.” The song talks about making it right and things he would do for her. Is anyone else confused?

Hats off to Katie! She’s rocked the role of The Bachelorette and has kept fans on their toes. Everyone can’t wait to see how this season plays out. Previews indicate there is plenty more drama to come.

What do you think? Is she single or engaged?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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