Adam Busby Gets Crash Course In Water Safety: Are The Quints OK?!

Adam Busby/Instagram

Adam and Danielle Busby recently hit the beach with their six kids on an end-of-summer vacation. In a photo of the whole family, a fan noticed one huge mistake the OutDaughtered parents are making at the beach. The fan offered Adam a crash course in water safety. What did Adam do wrong? Were the quints in danger?! Keep reading to find out what happened. 

Busby Family Vacations on the Alabama Coast 

The Busbys aren’t letting summer slip by without at least ONE more epic vacation. For family funtime, Adam and Danielle loaded the kids in the “Buzz Bus” and got out of town. Heck, they got out of the entire state of Texas! 

Credit: Adam Busby/Instagram
Credit: Adam Busby/Instagram

Along with Blayke and the quints, the Busbys went to Orange Beach, on the coast of Alabama. The Gulf Shore locale is a favorite vacation spot for the OutDaughtered family. The beach vacay wasn’t the first adventure this summer for the Busbys. They also visited a water park in Texas twice. 

Additionally, the girls all had their own adventures at various summer camps. Blayke seemed to enjoy her time at theater camp the most, while the quints loved invention camp. The family also took time to visit Adam’s parents in Louisiana. 

Innocent Family Beach Photo Goes Awry 

All six of the Busby girls love to swim. Some summer days, they are in the pool from dawn to dusk. So, they were likely excited to head to the beach. Well, most of them. Parker wasn’t so happy about the eight-hour car ride. 

Of course, the Busbys documented some of their trip for social media content. Fans are eagerly awaiting news of Season 9 of OutDaughtered. In the meantime, Adam and Danielle keep in touch with fans via social media. 

Adam Busby shared an adorable family photo taken on the beach. In the photo, Adam, Danielle, and Blayke stand in the back, flanked by the five quints in the front. As they often do, the quints are wearing matching swimsuits. See if you can spot the problem in the photo: 

Credit: Adam Busby/Instagram
Credit: Adam Busby/Instagram

Adam Busby Gets a Crash Course in Water Safety 

As public figures, Adam and Danielle Busby get advice and feedback on their parenting ALL.THE.TIME. Sometimes it’s just trolls being trolls, but in other cases, the comments come from a place of concern. That’s what happened on Adam’s innocent family photo. One of his Instagram followers took to the comment to bring awareness to something the Busby parents may not have considered. 

As mentioned, all five of the quints are wearing matching blue swimsuits. However, the follower pointed out how this is a no-no. They advised that the quints (and anyone, really) should wear bright colors while swimming in the ocean. If something goes wrong, they pointed out, the swimsuits would make it difficult to find the quints if they “blend in” with their surroundings. 

Water Safety Comment/Credit: Adam Busby/Instagram
Water Safety Comment/Credit: Adam Busby/Instagram

The follower’s comment wasn’t well-received by some other Busby fans. One person accused the original commenter of “overthinking.” However, a third person came to their defense, saying overthinking is better than under thinking. Especially when it comes to children’s safety.

Do you think the fan was right to give Adam Busby a crash course in water safety? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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