Seeking Sister Wife fans support Dannielle Merrifield

‘Seeking Sister Wife:’ Fans Are Behind Dannielle Merrifield All The Way On IG

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Seeking Sister Wife star Dannielle Merrifield doesn’t get the best treatment from her husband, Garrick, on the TLC show. Fans feel he chose polygamy for his own selfish reasons while saying that God called him to do this. While his treatment of Dannielle leaves a lot to be desired, her fans on Instagram are different. They have revealed that they are firmly on her side, through thick and thin.

Seeking Sister Wife stars Danielle and Garrick Merrifield

Ever since Garrick and Dannielle Merrifield first starred on Seeking Sister Wives, viewers have noted how bad a husband he can be. Fans believe he chose to dive into polygamy for his own selfish reasons, rather than because of any mutual decisions between him and his wife. While Garrick says that God called him to polygamy, fans think differently and they are showing this.

Seeking Sister Wife stars Garrick, Dannielle and Roberta
Seeking Sister Wife stars Garrick, Dannielle and Roberta [Image TLC/YouTube]
In fact, while Dannielle doesn’t get the best treatment from her husband, Garrick, she has the full support of her fans on Instagram. They are always there to encourage her, giving her the positivity she doesn’t seem to get from her husband. This is clear, no matter how far back you scroll through her IG posts.

On the show, fans have noted the unfair treatment Dannielle receives from Garrick. In fact, his own family members are wary of his life choices and some have turned away from him for this reason. Dannielle’s mother also doesn’t trust Garrick as far as she could throw him.

Garrick is a hypocrite

As part of his bad behavior towards Dannielle, Garrick has also proven himself to be hypocritical. While he claims to live by the words of the bible, he was quick to take part in premarital intimate relations.

Scrolling through Dannielle’s Instagram, it is clear that she only has a few posts. However, those posts have attracted thousands of positive comments from her fans, showing their support.

Even in a post from 2014, people show their support for the TLC reality star. A post from February that year, with an image of Dannielle and Garrick snowboarding, reveals how much people are against her husband. While the post was made 390 weeks ago, comments can be seen from as recently as seven weeks ago.

Seeking Sister Wife fans support Dannielle Merrifield
[Image @wifey_merrifield/Instagram]
Among the comments, her followers have encouraged her to run far away from Garrick and never look back. Comments regularly include the words, “Get rid of him” and “Leave him,” usually accompanied by a barf emoji.

Garrick and Roberta on Seeking Sister Wife

While allegedly, Garrick and Dannielle jointly welcomed Roberta into their lives, fans can see something different. During their trip to Mexico with Roberta, Garrick gave her all his time and energy. He and Roberta agreed to try for a baby, without including Dannielle in the decision at all. Noting this situation, fans wrote that Garrick is going through a middle-age crisis and taking advantage of his wife’s good heart.

Seeking Sister Wife fans support Dannielle Merrifield
[Image @wifey_merrifield/Instagram]
However, while many of the comments are aimed at Garrick, most are directed at Dannielle herself. Fans call her “gorgeous,” “beautiful” and “inspiring,” telling her they feel her pain while watching Seeking Sister Wife. Judging from Dannielle’s posts, she does manage to stay positive, no matter what happens.

Seeking Sister Wife fans support Dannielle Merrifield
[Image @wifey_merrifield/Instagram]
In her latest post from two days ago, Dannielle is packing to go away somewhere. Some fans commented, writing that they hope she is moving away from Garrick. Another wrote that they cannot believe they have to wait a year or so to find out if Dannielle, Garrick, and Roberta are still together. According to that fan, TLC’s NDO’s are so unfair.

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