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‘Life After Lockup’ Reveals 3 Explosive New Couples

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Life After Lockup is returning at the end of this month. Yet, the new season of Love After Lockup is still airing. The current couples are attempting to navigate the status of their relationships. Fortunately, some appear to have decent potential while others- not so much. Three couples from this season will also appear on Life After Lockup. The chosen ones may shock you.

Stan and Lisa Try Life After Lockup

Life After Lockup Credit: Love After Lockup Instagram
Credit: Love After Lockup Instagram

They fought on night one of her release. Stan thinks Lisa is a crummy mother after one glass of wine. In return, she has a list of materialistic demands in order to stay with him. Recently, Lisa reminded Stan he was going to buy her a car despite her lack of a driver’s license. Admittedly, she is not into women yet is still married to two men. What keeps the 39-year-old with the 65-year-old millionaire? The millions.

According to the WEtv press release obtained by Starcasm, their story is far from over. They are still trying to make the relationship work. The only fun they are seemingly having is in Stan’s love room of horrors (he has that straightjacket). Ultimately, it seems the two are both hiding secrets from each other which could be their demise. Lisa also begins to doubt Stan’s financial status.

Does he really have all the money he claims he does? There’s a lot more to learn about the two of them. The dynamic of the relationship will soon explode like fireworks.

Britney and Ray

Viewers have yet to see too much from this couple this season of Love After Lockup. When she went to go pick him up from prison, his whole family insisted on coming. This included his grandmother. Britney did not understand why they all felt the need to join in on her moment. Their baby was finally free. Accept it. They only spent a short time with him before he was dropped at a halfway house.

On the day he was released, Britney made sure to pick him up bright and early but grandma showed up, too. Seemingly, the women in his family don’t get why you need to go to jail to find a man. Now he is home with Britney and she is ready to start their life together but will it be too much for Ray? Britney wants it all and she wants it now. She wants him to get a job, propose, and she wants a baby right away. Will the smothering end them?

Life After Lockup Welcomes Daonte, Nicolle, and Tia

Credit: Love After Lockup Instagram
Credit: Love After Lockup Instagram

Daonte just cannot quit Nicolle. He spoiled her from the moment she was released from prison. She received lavish gifts, electronics, clothes, and one grand in cash. Being with him is like being on a game show with cash and prizes. All he wants in return is some love and affection. Nicolle says she is not ready. Little does he know she has been giving it up to the women in prison. One lady who held her heart was Tia. They were together for a year and a half but she was released prior to Nicolle.

A few days after Nicolle was released, she made sure to call Tia to see if she would join her for a night out, Daonte included. He still has no idea. The night Nicolle met his mother, Nicolle called Tia to wish her a happy birthday and to say she was thinking about her. Now, the three of them have joined the spin-off. Behind Daonte’s back, the women are reconnecting. Yet, Nicolle is still telling Daonte she loves him. When he finds out they are more than friends, it won’t be pretty.

Watch all the explosive drama go down when the new season of Life After Lockup airs on August 27th only on WEtv.

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