Danielle Busby Shows Us Why Parker Is NOT A Morning Person

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Not everyone is bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in the early hours. Or should that be Busby-tailed? Danielle Busby revealed which of the quints wasn’t too keen to wake up early for a long road trip. Keep reading to see Parker showing that she is definitely NOT a morning person.

Busby Family Hits the Road for Beach Vacation 

The Busbys are not letting their summer end yet. The adventurous family is off on another mini-vacation. They just got home from the local water park. But they plan to use up every last minute of summer sunshine. 

Credit: Danielle Busby/Instagram
Credit: Danielle Busby/Instagram

This time, the Busbys are going to the shores of Alabama. Adam and Danielle are taking their six kids to Orange Beach on the Gulf Coast. It’s an eight-hour drive from their home base of Texas. But one quint wasn’t happy about an early morning road trip interrupting her beauty sleep. 

Early Morning Start Turns Quint Into Sourpuss 

Usually when Danielle Busby posts photos of her girls, they all have huge grins on their faces. The OutDaughtered star shared a snapshot from the ‘Buzz bus’ heading out on the early morning road trip. 

Five out of six of the girls were smiling for the cameras. However, PK (Parker Kate) wasn’t feeling it. Danielle Busby shared the snapshot on her Instagram, noting Parker’s sourpuss face. “Clearly PK had to wake up too early,” the mom teases. 

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Regardless of PK’s sourpuss face, Danielle’s followers flooded the comments with praise for the adorable family. 

Danielle Busby Shares Photo Struggle

Getting all of the kids to smile in the picture is a struggle many parents can relate to. However, Danielle Busby has a unique problem when it comes to taking pictures of her family together. How can she fit six kids in separate car seats all in the same photo? The ‘Buzz bus’ is outfitted with individual seats for each kid. Easy to keep the fighting to a minimum, but not so easy for the traditional road trip car selfie. 

Danielle Busby reposted the road trip photo on her Instagram Stories. She joked that it’s “always a struggle” to get all of her kids in the shot. 

Credit: Danielle Busby/Instagram
Credit: Danielle Busby/Instagram

Does it surprise you that Parker isn’t a morning person? Or is it more of a surprise that five of Danielle Busby’s kids are? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

It’s unclear if the Busby’s 2021 summer adventures are being filmed for a possible season 9. TLC has yet to confirm that OutDaughtered will return for another season. Bookmark us at Tv Shows Ace to stay up-to-date on any developments. 

In the meantime, enjoy this vlog of the Busby girls at camp. You can watch more videos on the Busby YouTube channel. 

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