Say Yes to the Dress features a throuple this week

TLC: ‘Say Yes To The Dress’ Meets ‘Seeking Sister Wife’ In New Episode?

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Readers will be forgiven for thinking that the next episode of the TLC reality series Say Yes to the Dress is a crossover with another show. This week, the consultants get to help out an unusual dynamic find the perfect wedding gowns. Seemingly mirroring Seeking Sister Wife, Kleinfeld Bridal gets to help a throuple find the perfect dresses – plural.

Say Yes to the Dress does Seeking Sister Wife?

In a first for the TLC reality show, Say Yes to the Dress gets to feature a polyamorous relationship this week. TLC is known for pushing the boundaries, so it had to happen someday. The episode of Saturday, July 31 features two brides, Carly and Kassandra, as they search for the perfect wedding gowns. The beautiful pair is planning a wedding with each other next year. However, it will also be along with their third partner, Paolo.

Say Yes to the Dress features a throuple this week
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Instead of a couple, this week’s clients are a “throuple.” This term refers to a long-term romantic relationship between three people. In the clip included below, the Kleinfeld Bridal consultants meet the couple and seem somewhat surprised. Naturally, they are used to helping find one wedding gown per ceremony, so this is a little different for our experts.

Finding the perfect wedding gowns, plural

In the clip, we hear Kassandra tell Krissy and Candace, “This is my husband, and this is my fiancé” The Kleinfeld consultants respond with a multiple “wow.” Kassandra goes on to explain that she doesn’t want to scare them with their non-traditional relationship. However, Candace is quick to reassure her, saying no one is scared and they are ready, adding “It’s 2021 – anything can happen.”

Say Yes to the Dress features a throuple this week
[Image TLC/YouTube]
In a confessional, Carly tells the cameras that they obviously understand that this dynamic is not for everyone. However, she said they hope that even if people don’t understand, at least they can respect their relationship.

Understanding parents on Say Yes to the Dress

During the trailer, viewers will get to hear Kassandra, Carly and Paolo’s parents explaining how they came to terms with the situation. Speaking of the polyamory, Kassandra’s mother, Eunice, said in the beginning, it was hard to wrap your mind around it. Carly’s mom, Fanny, says she is “all there now” but that it wasn’t like that in the beginning.  She added that she took it “kind of rough” for a good few years. However, when she finally saw the relationship with her own eyes, she realized it was true love.

Eunice went on to say that their children’s relationship was all about love. She went on to add that they are supporting their children, no matter what.

Meanwhile, Carly, Kassandra and Paolo know they cannot legally marry in their state. They do know that certain US states do allow this. However, in the meanwhile, their relationship will just be a celebration of their love with their friends and family. Readers can catch the teaser trailer below.

Season 19 of Say Yes to the Dress airs on Saturdays on TLC at 8 pm ET.

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