OMG!! Did Meri Brown Admit Her Husband Kody ABUSED Her?! 

Ssiter Wives - Meri Brown

Sister Wives fans have new concerns as Meri Brown appears to have admitted Kody Brown abused her. Where exactly did Meri Brown suggest Kody abused her? Keep reading, we’ll explain.

Meri Brown talks about mental abuse on Instagram

According to The Sun, Meri Brown shared a message on her Instagram Stories recently about mental abuse. The update has Sister Wives fans fearing the worst. Was Meri Brown a victim of mental abuse? Is Kody Brown abusive toward his wives? Or, is he just abusive toward Meri? Fans know this relationship has been on the rocks for a while now. Some argue things have gone south for this couple since he legally divorced her so he could legally marry Robyn to adopt her children.

Sister Wives Meri Brown
Sister Wives Meri Brown

Turns out, Meri recently shared a post containing tips for someone who has been mentally abused. This post has fans scratching their heads. Was the TLC personality sharing tips on mental abuse because she had experienced it? Did she know these tips were helpful because of her personal experience? Sister Wives fans have a lot of love for Meri Brown. She’s definitely a fan favorite. So, these tips for someone who is a victim of mental abuse did not sit well with fans. It left an uneasy feeling in the pit of many stomachs as they feared the worst.

She did recently discuss being manipulated

Now, this isn’t just out of the blue for fans to suspect Kody Brown abused his wife. It wasn’t that long ago that Meri talked about how she was finished being manipulated. This, however, was something she posted on her Instagram profile. So, it wasn’t something that would expire. Unless she decided to delete it, it was a message that was there for the world to see. Was it Kody Brown that manipulated her? Did this post mean she was finally done with him?

Sister Wives - Meri Briown Instagram
Meri Brown Instagram

Meri Brown rarely talks about Kody on social media. She did, however, shut down accusations of an affair by showing a picture and declaring her love for her husband. That all went out the window when the latest series of Sister Wives painted a much more shattered version of their relationship.

Most Sister Wives fans can’t stand Kody Brown. So, it wouldn’t be shocking or hard to accept news if it turned out he was abusing one or more of his wives. Do you think Meri Brown was hinting that she was the victim of abuse with this post? Or, are fans reading far too much into this? Let us know what you think in the comments. And, keep comig back for the latest on the Sister Wives.

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  1. Polygamy is inherently mentally abusive. There is no way a relationship with 3 or more people to have a equal share of decision making power. Without this power you are not an equal member of any relationship.

  2. I believe he abuses them emotionally but I doubt he gets physical. These women are all strong and smart and I doubt they would’ve stayed this long if he knocking them around. Robyn is in charge more often than not. She’s so passive aggressive and two faced it’s sickening. When Meri made a joke about Robyn making the rules and kody and Robyn jumped on her she apologized and they both jumped on her for that…claiming she was trying to make it all about her. Kody and Robyn are two peas from the same pod. Recently they were spotted at a mall shopping at Victoria Secrets for sexy time outfits and they even posed for a fans picture and they had no mask on. Hypocrites both of them. Those rules are to keep everyone else away from Robyn’s place.

  3. poor Robyn, NOT, she got exactly what she wanted, to be the most important wife, ” the Queen,” unfortunately even people who think they are superior need to pay taxes, This polygamous marriage is just a crock of crap, even Kody has said he is done with it. ROBYN YOU DESTROYED THE BROWN FAMILY

  4. Absolutely Kody mentally and emotionally abuses his wives! He “punishes” them by withdrawing his company and affection if they dare disagree/argue back/object. He cannot comprehend how anyone but he himself can have an opinion or make a decision. He sulks and gives the silent treatment if all is not how he wants it, and those women clearly have – or had – anxiety about displeasing him because of his punitive tactics. He really is the most arrogant, full of himself, immature adult brat ever!

  5. I am just gonna say this much, Robyn has to play the victim to keep all the other kids off her back and the wives also. This is why Kody had to make such a show of ” I have no HEAD WIFE”. Amazing that he constantly is criticizing all the wives in ever chance he gets he talk crap on the wives except Robyn! The fact the man wanted his own blood or any human to suffer for a longer period of time then they would have to muchless ur child?Just goes to show he has only been only a part of making children not raising and caring for them ever! He is a sorry worthless waste of space that only has kept the other wives around to continue to pay for his life style and Robyn’s. He needs the income from the other women/wives so he and Robyn can live like they do. U know with nannies and such or else he and her both would be working several jobs to pay their own way! Robyn stated and Kody both made mention that Robyn’s youngest child can not handle daddy being gone 2 nights and how Kody was so worried coming back from the funeral and being Covid tested and if he was positive and how he had promised Robyn he would be home so he had promised Robyn he would use all precautions while at the funeral. So now Kody can really just say how he really could care a less for any of his other children cause in his own words his priorities as far as he is concerned is his two youngest children with Robyn, and how wonderful her older children are because they respect him and how obedient Robyn’s home is to him. He has been on this path since Meri allowed the divorce for him to marry Robyn and well Robyn has brought everyone of these families lives to right where they are at and we’ll Covid was just the excuse that aided them both to save face to the world and anyone family, friends ect that may at somepoint look at these two and point blank ask what about ur religion and values?Now what I really feel is happening is his grown children have seen what was coming for a really long time and they all have at somepoint spoke what they felt, this made Kody be done with all his children since obviously the kids are going to side on the mother’s behalf. And no why would Kody need any intimates when I really feel Robyn’s oldest daughter from her prior marriage will probably be the next Mrs. Kody Brown and NOT because he adopted her. And I feel Robyn wants to save face because of how she looks but in truth she doesn’t want to really share and do the polygamy but then there would be no TLC show because it’s called after all Sister Wives and no show means no check so this is her safest bet.

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