Kyle Richards Calls Out Lisa Vanderpump: ‘Give It A Rest’

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More drama is heating up between The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ reigning queen, Kyle Richards, and former queen Lisa Vanderpump. Kyle Richards took to social media in response to Lisa Vanderpump’s recent tweet accusing Richards of trading stories for negative tweets about Lisa.

The former Beverly Hills besties are at each other’s social media throats once again. According to Reality Blurb, Lisa is accusing Kyle of seeking attention and using her name to do so. Rumors claim  Lisa Vanderpump believes Kyle Richards is busy trading stories about her again.  Vanderpump claims Richards is doing so to promote negative tweets about her. 

 Kyle Richards Wants  Lisa Vanderpump To Say ‘GoodBye Kyle’

Vanderpump alleges that Richards is giving out exclusive and behind-the-scenes filming info to populate buzz for herself and negativity against Lisa. Kyle’s response to Vanderpump is to “give it a rest.”

Lisa allegedly believes that Kyle is “taking things to another level.” Vanderpump also seemingly implies that Kyle is kissing up to Bravo’s Andy Cohen constantly. This is also why he considers her the “most popular OG. The rumor has been making its way around Instagram and Twitter. 

Richards also reveals that anything and everything, truth or lie, will get responses if brought up enough. RHOBH fans are clearly choosing sides. The battle between Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump began around Season 9 with “Puppygate.”  Tension grew between the pair, with Vanderpump making her exit after Season 9.

No One Is Safe In Beverly Hills

Things between the former friends have never been the same. Vanderpump’s exit from RHOBH left the door wide open for Kyle Richards to take over the top housewife spot.  Over the years, there have been many fallouts between the Beverly Hills housewives, past and present. While many reality television fans believe that most of the drama is being built for ratings, many of the wives’ genuine friendships have taken a beating.

A nasty feud between the housewives is one sure way to draw in enormous ratings for Bravo. Dedicated fans tune in each week, anticipating the next hairpulling brawl.

It has been a challenging year for the wives of Beverly Hills so far. Several lawsuits and issues continue to build. The latest big story is unfolding around Erika Jayne’s nasty divorce from Tom Girardi. Erika’s recent drama is pot stir-worthy for cast members seeking added attention.

Not only is Erika under fire legal issues have also begun invading Dorit Kemsley and Lisa Rinna‘s lives. It is unknown at this point as to whether Rinna or Kemsley’s legal troubles will hold enough spark to garner the women’s top-story billing for Season 12 or not.

One thing has proven true among the RHOBH‘s cast, friendships or family relationships do not matter when it comes to clawing your way up the top housewives tier. Could Kyle Richards be instigating drama with Lisa Vanderpump for views?

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 11 airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.


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