Will ‘Chicago Fire’ & ‘Chicago P.D.’ Also Drop On Netflix?

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Luckily for Chicago Med fans, the series is now available for binge-watching on Netflix. With that in mind, fans of the NBC Chicago franchise want to know if Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D. will drop on Netflix.

The licensing for the Chicago franchise is fragmented

The Chicago franchise is produced by none other than Dick Wolf. Wolf also produces legendary series such as Law & Order and the FBI franchise. Notably, Chicago Med is the only one of Wolf’s productions on Netflix. So, what does this have to do with whether or not Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D. will drop on Netflix?

For some reason, Netflix was able to acquire licensing for Chicago Med. Interestingly enough, Chicago Fire is licensed out to IMDbTV (Amazon). However, based on what What’s On Netflix reports, it isn’t likely that any other Dick Wolf productions will make their way over to the streaming service. It doesn’t look t0o good for Netflix getting the rest of the Chicago franchise. This is because Dick Wolf just signed a deal with Universal in 2020. This seems to mean that “the idea Netflix could get Dick Wolf content exclusively anytime soon is out of the picture.” Next, the article speculates why only one series of a three-series franchise is on Netflix.

NBC Chicago Fire
NBC Chicago Fire

Will Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D. drop on Netflix?

Apparently, it is common for a network to drop a series on Netflix and then release the other content to a more exclusive streaming service. The example What’s On Netflix provides is when “ViacomCBS licensed Evil to Netflix and the second season is now exclusive on Paramount+.” Another example of this is what happened with iCarly.

This seems like it would make sense because while Chicago Med is on Netflix, Season 6 is not. Consequently, the idea is to get viewers hooked on the first five seasons and then essentially force them over to Peacock to watch Season 6. However, this is just speculation.

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CBS YouTube Chicago Med

Other ways to watch the Chicago franchise

While fans of the Chicago franchise may not be able to watch Chicago Fire or Chicago P.D., these series are available for free (and premium) streaming. Also, viewers are able to watch new seasons on Hulu.

Do you think that Netflix will eventually have Chicago Fire and Chicago PD? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. Make sure to come back to TV Shows Ace for more Netflix news.

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