Ashley Iaconetti Of ‘BIP’ Shared What Scared Her Early In Pregnancy

Ashley Iaconetti is due in February with her first child. She and Jared Haibon met on Bachelor in Paradise. Their love story was a bit unconventional being that they dated on one season and then dated other people on a separate season. Ashley cried most of the time Jared was with someone else. Eventually, they realized they couldn’t live without each other. The couple is over the moon about their upcoming addition to their family.

Iaconetti opened up on her Instagram about some concerns she’d had early on in her pregnancy. The reality star has been open about her journey to pregnancy and working hard to conceive. She also talked a bit about her birth plan and answered other questions fans wanted to know the answers to.

Ashley Iaconetti Had Some Very Concerning Symptoms

Ashley Iaconetti said she didn’t know if it was too much information, but she was going to share anyway. She said, “I actually have had brown spotting on three different occasions. It was not implantation spotting.”

She Googled her symptoms like a lot of first-time moms. There’s a reason doctors encourage them not to do that. Ashley revealed that didn’t make her feel any better. The first time it happened, the internet just elevated her concern. When she spoke to a nurse at her OBGYN, she calmed down according to Bachelor Nation.

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What Is In Her Birth Plan?

Ashley Iaconetti said she’s one hundred percent getting an epidural. Ashley said being the daughter of an anesthesiologist it went without saying. She made a point to say, “Of course, I respect everyone’s personal choice, but natural has never been something I desired. I want to feel as little as possible.” Ashley shared a very unflattering picture of herself looking tired. She said, “My 98-year-old grandmother told me, if I find myself getting uglier throughout my pregnancy, I’m having a girl.” She asked her followers what their guess is, because she felt the picture showed her bad side.

Bachelor nation responded to her query. Amanda Stanton said, “I have 2 girls and can confirm your grandma is correct.” Jared commented on his wives’ photo too. He said, “the only ugly thing in this photo is that Giant’s shirt.” Jade Roper said, “Hahahaha we are going with girl!”

Ashley has had a sense of humor from the beginning because she’s been really sick. Her announcement for the happy news shared her relationship with morning sickness. It featured Jared holding her hair back over the toilet. Jared posted on his Instagram how proud he is of her despite a difficult first trimester. What do you think of Ashley’s openness with her pregnancy symptoms? Comment with your thoughts down below.

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