Uncle Dale Mills Encourages Danielle Busby To Wear Something ‘Skanky’ 

Outdaughtered Danielle Busby - Uncle dale Mills

Uncle Dale Mills got feisty in Danielle Busby’s latest Instagram post by encouraging her and her sisters to wear something “skanky.”  As OutDaughtered fans know, he and his sister-in-law have a pretty goofy relationship. It isn’t uncommon for him to post uncomfortably flirty comments on Danielle’s Instagram. Uncle Dale, however, doesn’t play favorites. He’s also never been afraid to get flirty with his brother-in-law, Adam.

Dale Mills Instagram
Dale Mills Instagram

Danielle Busby enjoys a shopping break with her sisters

The OutDaughtered mama took to Instagram to reveal she was taking a bit of a break from the girls today. Danielle explained she had a formal charity event coming up that she needed a dress for. So, she decided to go shopping with her sisters. Danielle and her sisters put on a bit of a fashion show on their Instagram Stories as they tried on different dresses.

In the caption of her Instagram post, she crossed her fingers that she and her sisters could find the right dress on one of the few days they had to shop.

Those who tuned into her Instagram Stories know Danielle Busby did NOT have any luck finding a dress to wear. Unfortunately, she admits the dresses were all either “too ugly” or too small to fit her. So, she’d have to find more time to go somewhere else to find the perfect dress for the event.

Aunt KiKi (Uncle Dale Mills’ wife) did suggest on her own Instagram Stories she DID find a dress that she liked. So, Danielle might lose her shopping buddy on her next trip!

Busby Screenshot

Uncle Dale gets feisty in the comments, encourages a skanky dress

Uncle Dale Mills didn’t hold back in the comments of this Instagram post. He encouraged Danielle and her sisters to find a nice “skanky” dress to wear to the charity event. Danielle proceeded to imply he would not have to worry about that when it came to what his wife (Aunt KiKi) would pick out. It wasn’t until sometime later that Aunt KiKi jumped into the conversation too. She replied with nothing more than laughing tears emojis.

As we mentioned previously, Uncle Dale Mills has always been pretty playful with Danielle and Adam Busby in the comments. But, that playful personality is part of the reason why fans love him so much.


What did you think of Uncle Dale Mills encouraging Danielle Busby to pick out a skanky dress? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the Busby family.

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