Meri Brown Wishes Daughter Mariah Happy Birthday, How Old Is She?

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Meri Brown took to her Instagram Stories less than an hour ago to wish her daughter Mariah a happy birthday. How old is Kody and Meri’s daughter Mariah Brown turning today? And, when was the last time we got an update on Mariah?

Mariah Brown - Instagram
Mariah Brown – Instagram

Meri Brown wishes her daughter Mariah a happy birthday

Mariah Brown was born on July 29, 1995, to Meri and Kody. While Mariah has tons of siblings by her father Kody, she’s the only child Meri ever gave birth to. Technically, Meri and Kody had planned on having as many as eight children together. But, Meri struggled with “unexpected infertility” issues. Now, fans do know Meri and Kody did get pregnant a second time together. But, the pregnancy ended in a miscarriage in 2007.

Meri Brown took to her Instagram Stories just an hour ago to wish her only child a very happy birthday. Born on July 29, 1995, Mariah Brown turns 26 today. Meri also clearly labeled her birthday tribute to her daughter with the number “26.”

The proud TLC mother used rainbow letters on the birthday tribute. She attached a beautiful baby photo of her daughter. Meri gushed about how “honored” she was to be the mother of such a special child.

Meri Brown Instastories
Meri Brown Instagram

When did we last get an update on her daughter?

Mariah Brown is NOT considered a fan-favorite. Unfortunately, she tends to catch a lot of heat in fan groups on social media. The TLC personality has pretty strong and controversial opinions. And, she’s never been afraid to blast them on social media. Unfortunately, it has been a pretty long time since we’ve gotten any kind of update on Meri and Kody’s daughter.

The last time Mariah Brown posted a photo of herself was in October of 2020. She did post on her profile six weeks ago. But, it wasn’t really an update on her life. It was her sharing her support of allowing the transgender community to play on sports teams.

For the most part, she has stepped out of the spotlight her father and his wives continue to live in. Based on her social media activity, it appears as if she prefers it that way. With limited comments on her posts, it is also difficult for fans to chime in on anything related to Mariah’s life.

Still, Sister Wives join Meri Brown in celebrating her daughter’s 26th birthday. Happy birthday Mariah!

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