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Lifetime’s Thriller ‘Burning Little Lies’ Is Not A Fairy Tale

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Firemen save people right? Maybe not! Lifetime’s Burning Little Lies may make you think twice about it! This thriller stars Annika Foster (Evergreen, The Nightmare House), Jamie Roy (Picture Perfect Lies, Pursuit Of A Jigsaw), Mark Hapka (Parallels, Scrambled), Ashlynn Yennie (Killer Cheerleader, Variant), Joe Corzo (Acceleration, Antidote), Britt George (True Blood, Outer Banks), Alex Trumble (Days of Our Lives, Labor Of Lies), and Tristina Lee Bryant (Killer Cheerleader, Killer Cheer Mom) star.

Here is what we know about this new LMN thriller.

What Is Lifetime’s Burning Little Lies About?

Here is the latest Lifetime story that promises it is not a fairy tale! What is Burning Little Lies about? According to the synopsis, after losing a relative, a woman meets a gorgeous firefighter. Soon, she experiences a lot of unexpected, terrifying things.

He rescues her from a suspected car crash. She almost loses her life biking off of a cliff. It seems that danger is everywhere! Her life seems to spin into unexpected territories. Is this because the firefighter is overly protective? Or is her wicked stepsister to blame?

Lifetime’s Burning Little Lies Filmed During Pandemic

Joe Corzo had posted on Instagram about Lifetime’s Burning Little Lies.  He revealed that they had a great time filming, However, it was during Covid. They filmed mostly in the Sierra Madre area. This is near Los Angeles. This is what he said.

“I had a great time filming with the Awesome cast & crew. This was filmed last year in the middle of the pandemic. It was truly a blessing to be able to work & do what I love during such an uncertain period of time. I’m only at the beginning of my acting career & it has been such an Incredible Journey so far. From all the Amazing & Talented Individuals I get to work with & learn from. To the different characters & experiences,  I get to embody & portrait. I look forward to many more opportunities to share with family, friends & fans. Thank you all for your continued love & support! You are Appreciated.”

Still Time To Watch Lifetime’s Summer Of Santas

There is still time to enjoy the wintery vibes of a holiday movie. Its A Wonderful Lifetime has your holiday stories available 24/7 with Summer of Santas. Catch some of your favorite 2020 holiday movies online, commercial-free.

Some movies to check out includes  The Christmas Setup. This movie stars real-life married couple Ben Lewis (Arrow) and Blake Lee (Parks and Recreation). In addition, Fran Drescher (The Nanny) and Ellen Wong (Glow) round out the cast.

Don’t forget the entertaining A Sugar And Spice Holiday. This diverse movie stars Jacky Lai (V-Wars) and Tony Giroux (Motherland: Fort Salem) in the first Christmas-themed movie with an all-Asian cast.

Be sure to catch the premiere of Burning Little Lies on Thursday, July 30, at 8 p.m. Eastern, on LMN.


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