Josh Duggar’s Arrest May Not Be The REAL Reason ‘Counting On’ Is Over

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In response to Josh Duggar’s arrest, TLC released a statement saying they were canceling the family’s show, Counting On. In their statement, the network said:

“TLC feels it is important to give the Duggar family the opportunity to address their situation privately.”

Duggar fans weren’t happy that the show was canceled due to Josh’s actions once again. Longtime fans will recall that 19 Kids & Counting was canceled due to another one of his scandals. So, the network created Counting On to feature Jill Dillard and Jessa Seewald.

Since Josh wasn’t really supposed to be featured on Counting On anyway, fans are wondering why the show has to be taken off the air. They think the show could go on without Josh and Anna being a part of it. This has led some of the show’s viewers to speculate about the real reason it was canceled.

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Was Counting On doomed anyway?

Over on Reddit, Duggar Snarks are discussing Counting On and its cancelation. Some believe that the show would have been canceled regardless of Josh getting arrested. They think the show was getting boring and there wasn’t much to see on the show anymore. Plus, many fans follow the family on social media and get updates in real-time there. Due to filming and production times, the show was always behind.

One Reddit user writes, “Counting on got very boring. Nothing exciting happens, you can only watch various different people get pregnant and have a baby so many times. With or without Josh, I think the show was heading towards cancellation.”

Another user adds, “Yep. The show was on life support before the Josh’s charges. Gives TLC a good excuse to cut ties and move on to other trash.”

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One user has a different opinion, pointing out they think TLC still got plenty of attention from the show. They say, “It seemed like they were still getting decent viewing figures (compared to other TLC shows) and more importantly advertisers.” Fans who don’t use social media may be interested in seeing the show come back to TLC since it’s their only way to keep up with the family.

So, do you think that Counting On was going to end before Josh Duggar was arrested? Or do you think TLC canceled the show solely because of his arrest? Leave a comment down below and show your thoughts.

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  1. No Reason for Counting On to be cancelled. It was getting even more interesting because since we’ve all been watching even before they built that amazing house the family is expanding rapidly and they’re like old friends so we’re interested in what’s happening in their lives. To me Josh doesn’t exist. TLC is looking for an excuse to stop the show for some other reason. Nobody I know ever stopped watching at any time. If you check out so many other descent shows that have been on TLC for many years, they are trying to find excuses to stop them too. It just seems like if there’s no violence, swearing and nudity TLC doesn’t want it. Well the grown ups still need something to watch. If they continue to stop these shows I know many many of us will boycott TLC altogether.

  2. The Duggars are like family to us. We want to see them come back. Every family has a “bad seed” but the rest of the family should not be punished. Please rethink and bring them back.

  3. Please bring the Duggars minus Josh back to TV! I have watched from the beginning, and am hopeful TLC or another network will bring them back.

  4. The duggars are old news not one thing worth watching. Wow another duggar is in a arranged relationship, another is pregnant SSDduggar. TLC should of dropped them years ago instead of dragging it on. This pedophile enabling family don’t deserve air time. Bye duggars! Sad that some people consider them family. SMDH

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