‘You, Me, And My Ex’ Alex Hines STILL Defending Relationship With Caroline

Credit: Alex Hines Instagram

You, Me, and My Ex star Alex Hines has come under fire since he started the hit TLC reality series. Both viewers and his family have doubted his relationship with his girlfriend Caroline. This is due largely to the fact Alex was previously in a long-term relationship with Steve. His family has only known him as gay. Therefore, to see him with a woman does not seem right to them. However, Alex is determined to show the world he is in love with Caroline.

Alex and Caroline’s You, Me, and My Ex Relationship Timeline

Credit: Alex Hines Instagram
Credit: Alex Hines Instagram

Viewers have been stunned by the dynamics behind some of the relationships on You, Me, and My Ex. Alex and Caroline’s seems to be the most unbelievable. They were good friends for years before he made his move. He had also been with a man prior so Caroline never thought anything would happen. Alex dated Steve who is featured as the “ex” on the series via telephone. He was the first person Alex ever said “I love you” to.

Admittedly, there was a time when Alex believed he would marry Steve. Then, it fell apart. Now, he has been with Caroline for a handful of years. Unfortunately, due to his past, it is hard to believe his current relationship. He was hesitant to introduce his girlfriend to his family. When Alex took his sister, Tiffany, ring shopping with him, she had a lot of questions. She also talked about the thought of him dating a woman. Tiffany alluded to the idea of him having a sugar mama if anything.

Once his family did meet Caroline, they did really like her. Yet, they did question Alex’s sexual identity since he liked both men and women. He said he was demisexual which they did not grasp. They also did not think Steve should be in his life as much as he is. It has been extremely hard for Alex to find a balance. Moreso, it has been really hard for him to convince the world he truly loves Caroline. Some feel it’s an act for television. Alex says he is in love.

Alex’s Public Love Declaration

Caroline’s boyfriend loves to post photos of the two of them together. Yesterday, he took it to another level. In his Instagram story, Alex wrote a public declaration sharing how much he loved Caroline. Essentially, he noted how many will never understand the love the two have. He added there will be some who continue to believe it is a made-for-television relationship. However, he points out how he loves Caroline more than he loves himself. She is a bright spot in his life every day and his future.

You Me and My Ex Credit: Alex Hines Instagram
Credit: Alex Hines Instagram

Looks like he still feels the need to publicly defend their relationship. Then again, the series is still airing and the couple is still under a microscope. What do you think of Alex and Caroline’s relationship? Do you believe it is genuine or made up for television? Let us know.

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