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‘Welcome To Plathville Season 3’ Will The Family Make Amends?

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Everyone’s favorite TLC family is back. Welcome to Plathville Season 3 is returning in August. It looks like fans could be in for a wild ride.

Welcome to Plathville Season 3

Welcome to Plathville is finally returning for Season 3! Season 2 was full of plenty of downs for the family. Will Season 3 lookup any?

According to ScreenRant, it seems that Moriah and Micah Plath may go try to make ammends with their parents. In the last episode of Season 2, they go to their parent’s house. Hopefully, they will be able to apologize and make up with the family. While it was likely a bad living environment for them to stay in, it would be nice if they could still be on talking terms with their parents.

Will Ethan and Olivia return to the family?

As far as talking terms go though, it’s safe to say Ethan and Olivia will not be making their way back into the family. Fans will remember that Ethan married Olivia a few years ago. Olivia was originally in a family similar to the Plath family. However, she broke free and learned all about what the world has to offer.

Ethan took a liking to the life that Olivia is living and ended up joining her. Of course, this did not make the Plath parents happy. The relationship between all of them is so bad, Ethan and Olivia moved just to get away from Ethan’s parents.

Not only did their son marry Olivia, but Micah and Moriah are super close with Ethan and Olivia. Both Moriah and Micah essentially followed Ethan and Olivia and have been living their own life free of harsh rules.

Moriah has always made it clear she didn’t belong in the family. She always dresses differently and is into makeup and appearance. She even has a boyfriend. The rest of the family doesn’t value things like that. Micah ends up pursuing a modeling career. Obviously, this is not what the Plath parents had planned for their children.

Honestly, at this point the whole family is so torn apart it seems there will likely not be a time they are back together. Hopefully, at the end of the day, all of the siblings can remain friends with one another. Especially since there are so many little ones still in the house.

Will you be watching Welcome to Plathville Season 3? Let us know in the comments below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more news on all of your favorite TLC families.

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  1. I find everything about this show disturbing…..mainly because of the comments people write. I look around and see the way our youth are behaving, and I cannot understand why the majority of people do not see anything wrong with it. The parent may have taken things too far, but it’s THEIR kids, and it’s not like they were abused. They certainly look extremely in all their older videos. They certainly don’t seem happy now….especially Ethan. He is married to a manipulative witch that pretty much single-handedly tore this family apart. Moriah dresses like a whore. Micah has gotten so boastful and arrogant that it makes me want to puke. Ethan hasn’t smiled since he left home…..and good ole Olivia. NOW she won’t help Moriah unless she banishes her parents from coming to see her perform. Grow up woman. They didn’t like you because you came in and arrogantly started telling them how to raise their own children! Unbelievable!

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