‘Little People, Big World’ Fans SLAM Amy Roloff’s ‘Cheap’ Wedding Favors

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Amy Roloff and Chris Marek are deep into the wedding planning process and will be tying the knot very soon. On Little People, Big World, fans have gotten a behind-the-scenes look at everything that’s happening between the couple. This season of the show has featured many of the decisions Chris and Amy have made while planning their wedding.

Fans have noticed that Chris is pretty laid-back when it comes to wedding planning. He’s letting Amy make most of the decisions and seems to just be along for the ride.

During a recent episode of the show, Chris and Amy discuss wedding favor ideas. This time, Chris has something to say about it. Amy wants to give their wedding guests hand-painted stones as favors. She and Chris collect stones when they travel, so she thinks it would be a sweet idea.

Chris isn’t on board with the idea but offers to compromise by giving guests two gifts, one being the stones. Amy thinks that the stones should be the only favor they give their wedding guests though.

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Little People, Big World fans share their thoughts.

On social media, fans have started talking about the episode and their thoughts on Amy’s idea. Viewers aren’t too impressed with the idea of giving away stones as wedding favors. One says it seems really “cheap.” Others call it “embarrassing and tacky.”

On Reddit, one user writes, “I’d rather get no wedding favor than a rock! I think wedding favors in general are a strange concept. The last wedding I went to we were given cheap soda koozies with the bride and groom’s names and wedding date on them. I threw it in a drawer, never used it and threw it out a few months later.”

Another user adds, “Painted rocks are a great craft for kids…wedding favors not so much! I can’t wait to see what they look like when they are done.” Someone else sides with Chris, saying, “I feel sorry for Chris and these rocks you can see all over his face how embarrassed he is giving out rocks as a wedding favor 😂😂😂”

A handful of viewers think it’s a thoughtful idea, and they think it’s great that Amy doesn’t want to spend a bunch of money on her wedding.

So, do you think Amy Roloff’s idea for their wedding favors makes sense? Or do you think she and Chris should find a different idea? Leave your thoughts in a comment below.

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Aubrey Chorpenning


  1. I think she is a real a**h*** to Chris. He should be able to have a say in his own wedding planning.

  2. I agree giving out rocks is so tacky in indicates she is cheapskate. I would rather not get anything than receive that garbage

  3. I would accept the rock & put it in the yard. Seems like a ridiculous favor, which aren’t really necessary at a wedding. She is going to paint these 200 rocks herself ? She will never get it done.
    Chris should run while he can. She is so controlling and negative. Why wouldn’t she even hear Chris’s idea?

  4. No one wants a rock for a favor, or anything with the bride and grooms name on it. It’s going to get left or thrown away.

  5. It’s Chris’ first marriage (Amy’s 2nd), having said that I think Chris was very
    aware that, “painted rocks” as a favor was just silly & cheap! Let Chris have a
    say for the good Lord’s sake! Amy, honey, it’s not all about YOU!!! Do you even
    need that expensive wedding dress? Why? How old are you? Really?
    I watch every episode but frankly Amy is weaning me off lately , just being honest.
    I think she is ridiculous and needs help with hoarding (nasty).

  6. Rocks? really? this is the best you can up with?? Never heard of it, would never suggest it, would never do it!! C’mon Amy……….use your head and come up with something appropriate. A small bottle of wine with a personalized label. a small box of chocolates but painted rocks???? You really need to rethink this.

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