Katie Thurston Offers Advice To New ‘Bachelorette’ Michelle Young

The Bachelorette Katie Thurston is preparing to reach the end of her journey as the lead. It’s yet to be seen if Katie finds her fairytale ending. However, as she finishes and Michelle Young is set to begin, Katie has some advice for the teacher. What did she have to say to Michelle?

Katie Thurston offers advice to Michelle Young

US Weekly shared what advice Katie had for the incoming Bachelorette. She said she’s been talking to Michelle as much as she can. Everyone knows the lead’s phone is taken away when filming begins. Katie said, “I’ve spoken to her as much as I can because I know it’s any day now they’re gonna take her phone away.” She continued, “I think the biggest advice I’ve given her is to just be open. Don’t close yourself off too early. I think guys can surprise you … weeks later when you don’t expect it.”

Katie has said in past interviews that while she thought she had a type of man, she really didn’t. Many surprised her and it caught her off guard the attraction she had for some.

As for if any of the men from her season would be good for Michelle, Katie actually did toss a name out. Katie said, “I actually think Josh would be a good match for Michelle for sure.” The current Bachelorette is talking about contestant Josh Tylerbest. Katie sent him home fairly early in the season. She said of Josh, “They just have very similar personalities. He is such a sweetheart and I think that’s what she’s looking for, someone who’s just so kindhearted. That’s something that Josh really offers.”

Michelle’s season

Michelle Young’s season kicks off any day now. The list of her potential men Michelle was released by ABC this week. Kaitlyn Bristowe and Tayshia Adams are reportedly set to be hosts once more. While hosting duties seem to be taken, Katie did say she’s open to returning as a guest on Michelle’s season to help out.

Michelle’s season will be the first to travel since the pandemic began. They won’t be traveling week to week but they will not be confined to one resort.

The school teacher is ready to begin her journey to find love. Things didn’t work out with Matt James so she’s still looking for her happy ending.

Stay tuned for more updates on Katie and Michelle.

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  1. Michelle

    Please ignore any advice given to you by the worst bachelorette Katie Thurston. Im sure you are much smarter and classier than she could ever be! You don’t seem as desperate as she was and i hope you find someone that meets your standards.

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