Blayke Busby: Actress? See The Tween’s Stage Debut At Summer Theater Camp

Blayke Busby/Instagram

Is Blayke Busby on the way to becoming an actress? The OutDaughtered star recently attended theater camp with her cousins. Keep reading to find out more, including a video of her stage debut. 

Blayke Busby Trying Different Summer Camps

For some kids, summer is a time to lounge around watching TV. But for the Busbys, summer means constant activity. Blayke Busby and five of her sisters went to cheer camp earlier this summer. Blayke also spent some time with her grandparents. 

After sending the kids to different camps, the whole family reunited for a trip to the local water park. 

One of Blayke’s activities made fans wonder if she has her sights set on a career in performance arts. 

Blayke Busby/Credit: Danielle Busby/Instagram
Blayke Busby/Credit: Danielle Busby/Instagram

Danielle Busby May Be a ‘Cool Mom,’ But is She THAT Cool? 

Danielle Busby recently dubbed herself a ‘cool mom.’ But is the mom-of-six cool enough to let one of her daughters become an actress?

Along with her cousins Lily and McKenzie, Blayke Busby tried her hand at acting. The three tweens attended the local theater camp. They also attended musical camp. All three of the girls are growing like weeds. Perhaps they have a future in the modeling industry. 

Blayke Busby clearly has an interest in possibly becoming a performer of some sort. She also attended an aerial arts class where she soared. Does she have her head in the clouds? 

Blayke Busby/Credit: Danielle Busby/Instagram
Blayke Busby/Credit: Danielle Busby/Instagram

See Blayke Busby’s Stage Debut 

Danielle and Adam Busby are letting their oldest daughter spread her wings. In a clip from the Busby’s Instagram, Blayke uses what she’s learned in cheer, musical, and theater camps. Check out this video of her stage debut: 

What’s Next for the Busbys?

The Busby quints were just babies when OutDaughtere premiered on TLC in 2016. Viewers loved watching the quints develop their own distinct personalities. Season 8 of the show wrapped up in early 2021. The network has yet to reveal if it will return for another season. 

However, many fans of the show keep up with the Busbys on social media. With their constant adventures, the family still has a lot more content left for more seasons. Bookmark Tv Shows Ace to keep up with any news on a possible Season 9. 

What did you think of Blayke Busby’s stage debut? Does she have a future in acting? Do you think Adam and Danielle would be happy if Blayke chooses a career in Hollywood? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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