Khloe Kardashian STUFFS Massive Booty In Skin-Tight Leather Pants

Khloe Kardashian posted a new photo on Instagram and it’s clear she had to stuff her booty into her skin-tight leather pair of pants! What do you think of her new Instagram post?

Khloe Kardashian on Instagram

Khloe has posted a new photo on Instagram. This time, she’s wearing a super tight leather outfit and it is showing off her body, especially her booty!

The ensemble appears to be made of leather and is super form-fitting. There is a tight long sleeve shirt with black leather pants. There is a single line highlighting the booty even more. Khloe paired it with massive black sunglasses. She’s wearing her hair down, long and blonde – a nice change of pace from her formally brown hair.

Khloe Kardashian is posing in the photos with her sister Kim Kardashian who almost matches. Kim is wearing a long sleeve leather outfit but instead of black, hers is red. Of course, her hair is also black instead of blonde like Khloe’s.

Khloe captions the photo “šŸ–¤ Listening.”

This is likely because according to People she was actually at the listening party for Kanye West’s new album – Donda.

Khloe Kardashian | Instagram

It may seem weird that Khloe is there when Kanye and her sister have divorced. However, they have always been a very supportive and loving family even after breakups.

Sources also say that the family has been together a lot as of late. This is because they do share four children. So, Kanye is likely still a major part of the Kardashian side of the family and would want them at his listening party.

At the end of the day, it will be good for the children to see the Kardashian family still supporting Kanye, even when their parents are no longer together.

Khloe Kardashian | Instagram

Other Khloe posts

Of course, Khloe has been posting lots of other things on her Instagram as well. One of these things is an up-close picture of her chest. She is wearing a tiny neon yellow bikini top that is barely keeping the girls in.

That post was actually for a new line from her brand, Good American.Ā Regardless, she certainly made a statement in her topless Instagram post.

Do you follow Khloe on Instagram? What do you think of her leather dress? Let us know in the comments below. Come back toĀ TV Shows AceĀ for more news on all of your favorite formerĀ Keeping up with the Kardashians stars.

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